BILC Newsletter

Welcoming 2019

A Year Of Transitions

As I reflect briefly on 2018 and all the happenings and transitions of our Bright Ideas community, these are some of the thoughts that pass through my mind:

  • Connections - the relationships BILC has with so many families continue to grow & we have welcomed several new families into our community
  • Moving - BILC moved OUT of our original location and IN to our completely remodeled Sunset location
  • BILC/School/Home - logistics and the desire to strengthen these connections brought our before care program and all of our after care program into the elementary school - being in the school more has already provided new opportunities for strengthening these intertwined experiences for our children
  • The Great Outdoors - summer allowed all BILC children to utilize the abundance of space at Sunset - this school year has further allowed pre-k students to dive into the the adventures found in nature in their outdoor classroom at Sunset
  • I myself have transitioned primarily to an administrative role as BILC welcomed Ms. Julie to take over the pre-k program and help with program directing
  • Former BILC students have made their way this year from a 'child in care' to volunteers! It has been a blessing to have them continue to be involved in our community.

To summarize the take away I have about these transitions:

I thank all of you (our Bright Ideas families & staff) for your support, patience, and commitment to our community. Change is often challenging and full of emotions. Knowing each of you have been there with us during this year made processing it all much easier. I wish to be able to return the same assistance and blessing to each of you at some point.

Shining Star Showcase

Friday, Feb. 8th, 6pm

Wales Elementary School


Bright Ideas is hosting a community family event & we want you there!

Similar to our talent show last year, we will be putting on a SHOWCASE of your child's talents this February. Our before/after care program will start Monday helping your child to identify and refine their talents and skills. This may include signing a song, choreographing a dance with friends, painting a picture, creating a contraption, reading a poem, or developing something else to put on display.

Pre-K students will be working with Ms. Julie to complete some art to display and prepare songs to perform as a group.

We encourage you to discuss with your child what talents they may want to share and help support them in preparations for the Showcase. And, YES, you may be part of it too parents!!! Family performances are highly encouraged. Your family may also choose to bake, build, or develop something to put on display. Children love talking about their creations and learn so much in the process.

Part of preparing for the Showcase is practicing skills for public speaking and presenting. Do please take time to share your expertise in these areas with your child - they love learning from you!

The Showcase will also feature an optional dinner beforehand in the cafeteria starting at 5:30 PM. This dinner is not only designed to help you feed your family healthy, quickly, and easily on this evening, but also to allow an opportunity to connect with other BILC families.

Details are still in the works, but likely a soup buffet will be offered for a reasonable per person fee. Any funds collected beyond covering costs will be put towards materials to build platform tents for our summer program. We plan to design meeting areas for each of our summer groups that provide more comfort in the heat and allow us to do more activities easily outdoors.

Please take a moment to RSVP to this event so we get a general idea of how many families to expect. All neighbors, grandparents, and other families are welcome to join.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Canvas Supplier???

Please let us know if you are aware of any good places to purchase large rolls of outdoor canvas. We are beginning our search as part of the materials needed for outdoor platform tents.

School Age Families: Email Absences Please - A $5 failure to notify fee will be issued if we are not informed by the deadlines