Nov 29- Get Whitt it!

For the strength of the pack is the wolf & the strength of the wolf is the pack...

Wolf Howl- Vertical Math team time!

Math PLC leaders and one teacher each from K-1 will have an opportunity to meet on Dec 7, during the Wolf Howl. You'll meet in the conference room at 7:15, so please ask a teammate to help get your Wolves greeted and down to the wolf howl. We heard really great things from the ELA side!

You'll meet until 8:15 and then take your classes back from the Howl.

PTA points!

  • The coupon thing starts tomorrow...hand out ONE coupon per day to a Wylie Way showing kid, and they bring it down to the office to go in a drawing! (So the genius behind this is that our students who are "gifted" a gift certificate b/c of economic needs won't be embarrassed to SHOP with their certificate b/c the ones who WIN on the drawings will also get the same smart right??)
  • Winter Wonderland Fun Night will be SO fun! You're all invited to come, but also totally don't have too!
  • As a BONUS, I'll be drawing a name each morning for all of YOUR names for some pretty amazing baskets that Kathy Fisk has put together...they are themed and you're going to LOVE them! How do you enter? You already are...just for being so awesome! :)

Jan 7- PD thinking, planning ahead....

On Jan 7th we'll have some vertical team planning time.

Each team will meet as a team in the library. Primary, you'll attend both 45-minute sessions, so that everyone has an opportunity to participate. We'll give you a more complete agenda closer to the date.

During the February Wolf Howl the ELA side will meet.

Morgan's Musings

December 21st Scheduling

This will be here before we know it!! Team Leads, please get with your teams to discuss and provide any feedback you can so that I can create a schedule that works for you!! A few things to note:

  • It is an early release day. There is NO PACK on this day.
  • It is Polar Express Day.
  • Your homeroom class needs to stay with you the entire day until dismissal. Please do not switch classes.
  • Students are counted present as long as they are checked out after 9am:)
  • I will adjust your recess times around your parties and lunches.
  • Lunch schedules will be adjusted.

Team Leads-after you get feedback from your team, please vote on this Google Form for your desired schedule. If there are any issues you notice, let me know! We have time to make adjustments. I want your opinions! :)

WIN Spreadsheet

Please update your spreadsheet if any changes have occurred! We should be able to find a kiddo, see what day they stay, and see what room they will be in for WIN time.

Here is the link.

Can I just say, WOW!! I LOVE walking through your classrooms. You guys are doing amazing at BAS testing! The kids are working so hard! Thank you for every single thing you do. None of your hard work goes without notice. This time of year gets tiring and kids get just a liiiiiitle off task, but you would never know it when you walk around this building!! We are so thankful for you all!!

Shout outs!

  • Dyann and I taught a fun Google Apps class after school today. We know it is a busy time of year but Shanda, Miranda, and Emily made time to come and we had an awesome time learning together!" Thanks, Steph, not only for sharing this but also for you and Dyann hosting such a fun class for our staff!

  • Your FB pages are SO fun. If I am that excited over getting to see what you're doing, and how FUN you make learning look, I can't even imagine what our parents feel like Thank you for doing such a great job flattening our classrooms!!

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Heather Lack 1

Jill Brown 4

Stephanie Nishiyama 9

Teri Burnett 14

Jennifer Aldrich 30

Calendar Comings


8 Thanksgiving Lunch day, UIL night, Spring Creek night

9 Allergy guy- special presentation!

12 School board meeting

13 AT out ESC, 4th grade to Austin

14 team leaders meeting (we will meet!)

15 3rd grade Veteran's program



26 WW Christmas begins!


28 Nat'l French Toast day! Enjoy breakfast from us in the lounge!!

29 Parent think tank ,6-7pm


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