The Prologue Project

By: Deontarrio Culpepper

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The Knight's Physical Characteristics

  • The Knight is dressed in a tunic made from coarse material.
  • He wears a suit of armor (mail) that is stained by rust.
  • He rides a good horse and cares for the horse better than he cares for himself.

The Knight's Occupational Description

  • Soldier

  • Jousts

  • Noble

The Knight's Character Traits

“chivalrie” (prowess), “trouthe” (fidelity), “honour” (reputation), “fredom” (generosity), and “curteisie” (refinement)

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The Manciple's Physical Description

  • He wore a tunic like most of the other pilgrims.
  • Middle Aged
  • Came from the Inner Temple

The Manciple's Occupational Description

  • The one who provides and supplies for his thirty+ masters; purchasing food supplies.

  • They train to help others to live within their means.
  • Purchases food and supplies for an institution such as a school, monastery, or law court.

The Manciple's Character Traits

  • Wise
  • Intelligent
  • Conscienceless
  • Make fools out of the upper class
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The Parson's Physical Characteristics

  • Wore a shepherd frock

The Parson's Occupational Description

  • He was the priest for the church and was always willing to help others.

The Parson's Character Traits

  • Very Principled
  • Intelligent