Corporate Services Update

Mid-Year Performance Management

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Mid-Year checkpoints

As part of our commitment to career development and professional growth here at Capco, it is important that we all have on-going dialogue around our performance with our line managers and stakeholders. As a result, we are asking that all line managers hold mid-year reviews with their direct reports. Capco leaders are keen to learn the developmental needs, aspirations and preferences of their team members.

Corporate Services processes

All employees are expected to have completed mid-year reviews, with developmental feedback, in July. Local employees will participate in local processes and timelines, and global promotion candidates will be roundtabled on August 18th.

Reminder on objectives

At this point, everyone should have agreed on objectives with their line manager - both functional (project) and career (including training needs). The mid-year touch point provides an opportunity to refresh these objectives, as well as highlight feedback on strengths, and development areas, to ensure that all employees are clear on their progress and what is necessary moving forward.

Reminder on process

Capco's performance management cycle runs from January - December. It is expected that everyone obtain 2 performance appraisals per year at a minimum - year-end and mid-year.

Structure of mid-year roundtable

  • The roundtable will be attended by the global Corporate Services functional leads / line managers only.
  • Managers will represent team members; employees will not be physically present during the roundtable.
  • Local geographies will be asked for input into any global candidates to ensure parity and consistency in the process.
  • The purpose of the roundtable is to discuss promotion candidates and critical staff performance / development requirement at the global level.
  • There will be no ratings provided during the mid-year process. The roundtable is strictly for discussions on promotions candidates and performance/development.
  • Mid-year promotion candidates will be agreed upon for consideration and signed off by the global function leads.
  • Feedback from roundtables will be shared with employees by their managers.

Required actions for all

Team Members

  • Complete your individual Development Plan (IDP) under CiT
  • Request and follow-up on any feedback
  • Review IDP against Corporate Services competency framework
  • Schedule a meeting with your Manager in July. Take this opportunity to have a robust discussion on your career, personal and professional development - as well as your career aspirations. The discussion should focus on how you are measuring up on both the framework and professional and personal goals. Remember, to keep in mind recent achievements and future developmental training you'd like to receive.

Line Managers

  • Meet with your direct reports to ensure that their IDPs have been completed. Make all necessary adjustments prior to August 18th for all global and regional employees - or per local guidelines for local employees.
  • Be sure to discuss progress against 2016 objectives with your team members- how well are they performing? Does their supplemental feedback support their performance achievements? How much training have they taken to date and what is planned for the remainder of the year? How are they planning on stretching themselves to meet their aspirations?
  • Provide your team members with feedback on their developmental needs and provide counsel on helping your protege grow in 2016!

Come prepared

Managers should be prepared to represent their feedback for global promotion candidates and critical staff performance/development (if applicable) at the roundtable. Only a few minutes will be allotted for each employee, so please ensure that feedback is concise and to the point. Also, be prepared to take detailed notes of the discussion points to revert feedback to direct reports/protege.

Additional info

Corporate Services competency framework and expectations: here

Invitations will be sent out shortly for Managers to attend the upcoming global roundtables (where applicable), but if you have any questions in the meantime please contact Anne Murphy with global inquiries, or your local HC lead.

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