Coach Jim Van Scoyoc

"80 percent of this game is Defense"

who is coach Jim van Scoyoc

James Allen Van Scoyoc was born on March 13, 1943, to James and Blanche (Jindrich) Van Scoyoc of Ladora, Iowa. His parents owned and operated a 24-hour truck stop near Ladora and, later, a roadside diner, so Van Scoyoc was exposed to all manner of people before he had turned eighteen. Growing up, he played baseball at the HLV School (Hartwick, Ladora, Victor) near Victor, and was sufficiently talented to attend a three-day tryout camp sponsored by the St Louis Cardinals, in 1959 in Cedar Rapids.

what he accomplished

Coach Jim Van Scoyoc won 20 state high school baseball championship then he retired became a minor league baseball coach and won 3 world series.

why i picked

I pick this person because he was the one who interested me into becoming a high school baseball coach because he lead the team to 20 state titles so i want to be just like him.

why he's a leader

Coach Jim Van Scoyoc helped the kids by helping them on the farm so they could go to the games and practice. He taught them teamwork and they all acted like brothers because they became family.
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