Alexander graham bell

The inventor of the telephone

Life of Alexander bell

alexander was born in Edinburgh,scotland march 3 1847.he had two brothers Melvill James Bell and Charles bell.His parents are alexander Melvin bell (father) and Ezila grace symonds bell.At the age of 11 he got the middle name "Graham" for his birthday.Alexander graham bell was an influential scientist ,engenier and inventor.Bell became an excellent piano player at a young age."A man as general rule ,owes very little of what he was born with ,a man is what he makes of himself".

Impact of inventions

The great things of inventions

The telephone is a technology that has became an integel part of our life sice it was invented in 1876 by alexander graham bell.The telephone is an all purpose tool, it is used in home,buisness and in education.It is a source of entertainment and vital recouce to the illiterate as well as the academic elite.when the telephone was introduced it could only could be afforded by the rich as the materials needed for connection was very expensive.Alexander grahams wish was to reduce the expense of materials so that so the poorest man cannot afford to be without a telephone.