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Coronado Middle School August, 2020

“What you permit, you promote.”

Triton Family,
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CMS Suggested Supply List

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June 9: Virtual Awards Ceremony on KCMS 10:00 am

June 10: Promotion Drive Through 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

  • Virtual Promotion Ceremony on KCMS 6:00 pm

June 11: Yearbook Distribution for 6th and 7th

June 12: Grading window closes at 3:00 pm

  • 20-21 Supply Lists due to Dollyanne (from dept. leaders)
  • Classroom check out completed

Message from Superintendent Mueller: June 3, 2020

Grades: Semester 2 grades: Pass (P) No Pass (NP)

  • Students who had a D, C, B, or A at the end of 3rd grading period will receive a Pass regardless of the DL work they did/didn't complete.
  • Students who had an F at the end of grading period 3 and submitted 60% or more of the DL work will receive a Pass. (P)
  • Students with a modified grade (IEP), please consult with case manager before giving a No Pass (NP)

Grading Window: The window is open and will close on June 12th at 3:00 pm.

Reminder: Indicate an N or NP in Synergy. We will not be providing citizenship grades. Please contact students receiving an NP.

Professional Learning Opportunities: Please contact your department leader regarding All virtual PL opportunities you'd like to attend.

Lots of good links here:

Don't forget our document! Distance Learning Best Practices

SDCOE archived Innovative Digital Learning webinars

Explain App PL: Interested in being able to rewind and re-record without re recording the entire video? Join Meg for a PL on Tuesday at 1:00 pm

Explain Everything PL Link Meeting ID: 781 3266 1100 Password: 8ae6hS

Excellent Article: blog

Running Document: Please continue to add info here. I will be answering questions this weekend. DL Questions/Comments running doc

Link to 2020-2021 Grading Period Calendar

This information was released from the CDE on Monday, June 8th.

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August/September Birthdays

Happy Birthday!

27 Karin