Motivation is Key


Are you lacking motivation? Are your workout times slacking?
The problem is that people times are sacking and they are not getting into the boats they want so they don't try as hard.
To help lower our times so we can get put into better boats, we will need to have a person for every two athletes. That person watching will cheer them on and keep them motivated. We would also play upbeat music to keep them pumped up. I can gather info from this by looking at their previous times and see if they improved. The goal for this is to have good vibes while working out and to cheer people on so they don't give up and get a poor time.
Overall I think that this will work because it will get people motivated to try harder when they can listen to music and get cheered on by their friends. This will create good energetic vibes and possibly get them to try harder to get into a better boat.
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