Cumberland Valley Eagle Foundation

Providing Opportunities since 1996

Kicking off the 2019 Campaign!

We're more than athletic passes and summer camps.

You've heard of the Eagle Foundation but you're really not sure what we do. You know that with a $100 donation, you get 2 athletic passes for home Cumberland Valley sporting events. Or, you might know us as the organization that offers summer camps to students at a very affordable price and with a great variety of subject matters.

Here's what we do

In 2018, we awarded over $50,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors. Over the summer, we provided over 300 students with an opportunity to attend a 3 week reading or math booster program session taught by CV teacher at no cost to participants. In our summer mentoring program, we provide middle schoolers the chance to develop confidence, self-esteem, communication skills and so much more during our mentoring "Buddy" program free of charge. We employ recent Cumberland Valley grads to serve as "Bigs" and serve as a friend that they can rely on. Each year, we award $20,000 in learning grants to teachers for new and innovative ideas for their classrooms.

Why it matters to you

Your student:
  • could benefit from a new and innovative idea thanks to one of our learning grants.
  • could attend one of our summer camps and make new friends and be exposed to something new.
  • could benefit from the summer reading or math booster program and start the next school year off with new confidence in that subject.
  • could be friends with someone that participated in the Buddy Program who now has the confidence and ability to make friends with the skills they've learned.
  • could continue his or her education with one of the many scholarships that we have to offer graduating seniors this year.
  • has been a part of a top-notch public education system that is made even better with the benefits that the Eagle Foundation can provide.
  • could go out and make a difference in the world and the lives of others.
Big picture

About us

The Eagle Foundation supplements the academic, cultural, athletic and activity programs of the Cumberland Valley School District by offering, supporting, or underwriting experiences that enrich and enhance the lives of the young people and adults within our community.