The Merchant's Post

Covering trade and sales all over Mesopotamia.

Assyrians Pillage Babylon!

Earlier this week, fifty crates of raw, precious metals from the Earth were sent by ship to Babylon. After the crates were loaded off the boat, they were taken to a loading dock where they would stay until the next day, when the expensive metal would be auctioned off. Although there were over ten men guarding the crates, a group of Assyrians were able to sneak onto the port and snag twelve boxes. The men who stole the crates have been identified and executed, but it has been asked that their names remained private. As for the men who were supposed to be guarding the metal, they are scheduled to be beaten sometime this week.

-Sudlo, Son of Marrarabi

King Nebuchadnezzar Announces Trade Ships to be Reconstructed!

King Nebuchadnezzar has recently announced to all of Babylon that their trade ships need to be redone and restored for the better. Nebuchadnezzar sends his best builders to draw out models and get building the new trading boats. If this task is not completed by his deadline, the constructors shall be beaten.

-Slila, Son of Ridrid

Brood of Chickens for Sale!

I am offering a brood of eight live chickens for 120 bundles of wheat. If you are interested in trading, find me in the central market in Sumer, at a stand called Ziggurat Farms on the day of the full moon.

Figen, Son of Durlo

Ask Arfin

You asked us for advice, and now, with the new column, Ask Arfin, we'll give you some! Here are one of the questions you asked us:

Dear Arfin,

I used to be the most successful trader in my area, but now that another merchant has started trading near me, I just haven't been getting any business! You see, I'm not very good at advertising, but this guy has everyone talking about him! What can I do to make my business unique? HELP!

Sincerely, Out of Business

Dear OOB,

I think that that you need to consider moving your business to another area, or at least selling at another market. If you are set on your area, perhaps you should add something personal to your business. Maybe try chatting with your customers, or give them an extra loaf of bread for their children. Either one of these options should make a difference. Good luck!

Sincerely, Arfin

Market Festival!

Come to the Market Festival!

When: Night after the full moon

Where: Central Babylon

What: This fest will have three wife auctions, many trade stands, food and wine, and live beatings, hangings, and executions!

Merchant of the Day: Hooplasmaga

Hooplasmaga is receiving a turn under the spotlight today! This marvelous merchant lives in the great city-state of Sumer. Well-known for good deals and great finds, Hooplasmaga is sure to give you what you want! Our reporters had the chance to interview this man. Here's what he said:

Reporter: What is your most sold product?

Hooplasmaga: I would say that I sell mostly jewelry, but crops such as wheat are also very popular.

Reporter: How long ago did you start your business?

Hooplasmaga: I started trading when I was about fifteen years old, thirty years ago.

Reporter: Who introduced you to trading?

Hooplasmaga: My father was a trader, and when I was twelve, I became his apprentice.

Reporter: Finally, do you enjoy your occupation?

Hooplasmaga: Oh yes, I love what I do!

Camel Death Leaves Assyrians Stranded!

Recently, Assyrians were bringing corn to Sumer on camel-back. After three days of traveling, the camel collapses and later dies of overwork and age. If Assyrians cannot get their corn to Sumer, they could be in big trouble, and possibly arrested or killed.

Babylon Top Styles

In this issue, we're giving the top 5 fashion trends in Babylon.

  1. Men's bare arms and legs
  2. Thick , long hair and beards.
  3. Long-sleeved tunics with belts
  4. Beautiful embroidery
  5. Fringe and beads

Sumer and Assyria's Unfair Trade!

On the night of the last full moon, the Sumerians and Assyrians were supposed to trade wheat for cheese. When Assyria's cheese arrives to Sumer, the monarchs quickly feed it to their children. Five hours later, it was said that the cheese had gone bad and the king's children were becoming sick! The king say's that the wheat he gave was not worth some rotten cheese!!! What will Sumer do? More importantly... what will Assyria do?

Buy New Tunics!

The all new long-sleeved tunic has a wide belt, beautiful embroidery, and beaded fringe. This item will be sold at the Market Festival, on the night after the full moon. This beautiful dress comes all the way from Assyria to Babylon. If you purchase this tunic, you will receive a free bundle of wheat.

Buy one while supplies last!