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A Little About Russia

Here in Russia, there are many minor languages, but the official language of Russia is Russian. The way to say 'hi' in Russian is Привет. Russia has a federation government, which is a government that is formed to unite smaller places. In the past, Russia had a Communist government. Russia's currency is Ruble, and when you exchange a US dollar for Ruble, you get thirty-one Ruble.

Interesting Facts

Russia is very strong in its sports, especially gymnastics. Russia also has very good food, like Russian Pancakes. A famous site is St. Basil's Cathedral, and it was built by Ivan the Terrible when he was in rule. Another famous site is St. Petersburg Palace Square. Russia has a lot of holidays, and some of them are the same as ours, such as New Year's Day and Christmas. They also have different days, like Russia's Day and Unity Day. Russia owns a whole lot of museums, but the most popular ones are The Pushkin State Museum Of Fine Arts, and The State Hermitage.

Pictures Of Russia

This is a 1,000 Ruble note.
This is St. Petersburg Palace Square.