Anchored In Learning

Our week in third grade gate!

Curriculum Updates

This Week In Reading

During Reading, students have continued to understand, make inferences, and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of fiction.

Later on in the week, we began our "Fiction Extension Menu", providing students with voice and choice of tasks that show mastery of the elements and structure of fiction stories. We will continue working on our extension projects next week as well!

This Week In Writing

During Writing, we've been working hard to round out our writing process for our personal narratives. Students have learned about revising, editing, and publishing this week and applied that knowledge to their personal narratives that were turned in today. There are a lot of amazing stories out there that I can't wait to read!

This Week In Spelling

During Spelling, students continued to create and use plurals. We reviewed last week's "add -s" and "add -es" rules, and began to create plurals with words ending in "y". Learning to simply "add -s" to words ending in a vowel, then "y", or dropping the "y" and adding "ies" to words ending in a consonant, then "y" was tricky, but we're beginning to get the hang of it! Remember to keep practicing at home.

Try this "Plural Match" game at home with your child this weekend!

This Week in Math

During Math, the class worked together to collect data, create various graphs (tally charts, frequency tables, pictographs & bar graphs), and also used our interpretations of data with our process skills to answer one and two step problems about the data.

Thursday students voted on their Favorite GATE Extension Activity and used a computer program to create their own bar graph. Friday they had the opportunity to write a question based off of their graph’s data to solve—which might be chosen in the future as a problem that their classmates solve when continuing to work on our graphing skills.

This Week In Science

During Science this week, we had the opportunity to observe the energy produced by UV rays by using solar beads and taking a “field trip” outside to a sunny area. The students were amazed to see how the sun’s UV rays caused their beads to change from clear to a rainbow of colors.

We also finished up our stations from last week with hands-on exploration through mechanical, heat, and sound energy.

This Week in Social Studies

During Social Studies, students were introduced to our first PBL after learning about a GATE "Open House" for the School Board that will happen in November. By thinking about our guiding question- "How can we, as members of this community, educate others about GATE?", students reflected on community concepts and information learned in prior weeks' lessons and created interview questions to ask Mrs. Hinton and Mrs. G about the GATE program.

Gifted Extensions

Maker's Space

After completing the "building" process of their Caine's Arcade Cardboard Challenge games, students then collaborated with their groups to plan presentations. On Friday, 3rd grade GATE students presented their Caine's Arcade Cardboard games with the class and had time to explore each other's creations before they were taken up to Allen High School for the Cardboard Game Night!

Genius Hour

The research continued this week as we continued our Genius Hour projects. With guidance from Ms. Hubbard & Mrs. Relle, students focused their online searches and honed their "googling" skills.

Students are more than welcome to continue researching at home, however, the projects themselves will be completed in class. The Allen Public Library is a favorite of ours, and there are tons of great books there! Students are encouraged to visit the Public Library this weekend to find additional information to add to their projects!

Quality Work

On Wednesday, students had a wonderful lesson with Mrs. G, our district Gifted and Talented Instructional Specialist, about quality work.

We looked at some examples and "non-examples", as well as revisited the GATE Scholarly Behavior Expectations:

-work ethic

-thinking processes

-contribution to discussions



-communication skills

-positive attitude

-cooperation within a group

-growth mindset

These all can be found in our 3rd Grade GATE Handbook in your child's binder, and we'd appreciate revisiting them from time to time with your child!

Other "Odds & Ends"

Help Us Build A Better Classroom!

By now, I'm sure a few of you have heard of our non-sliding chairs here in the classroom. We want to make sure our students have the materials they need to succeed, which includes easily slide-able chairs, so we just created a classroom request:

Flexible Without Flexibility

In return, you'll get awesome photos of your gift in action and our heartfelt thanks.

Nurse Visits

While we understand that injuries and illnesses happen, we have been seeing quite a few students miss instruction time lately because of nurse visits. The school nurse is an awesome resource and can help immensely in times of sickness or pain, however, we'd love for you to help us reiterate that the nurse should only be used for true medical reasons. Each and every time students leave for the nurse, they miss valuable class time, and we want to make the most of each and every moment here in GATE! :)

NEW Items on Signup Genius!

Now that we're several weeks into school and have complete several "projects" including Caine's Arcade Cardboard Challenge, we're noticing some trends in supplies needed. We've updated our Sign Up Genius to reflect items no longer needed, along with new items added to help our class out during Maker's Space, Genius Hour, and more! Thanks in advance for the donations. We appreciate you all helping our class run smoothly with the needed supplies!

Dress Code

This afternoon we revisited the Vaughan dress code expectations, as it's been brought to our attention that we still have some students not abiding by them. Please review the handbook, and if you feel you need further clarification, please contact Mrs. Grey or Mrs. Jasenof. Thanks!