An Intro to Function and Behavior

Follow-up Resources for our Professional Learning

PBIS Team Professional Learning

In our team professional learning, we have introduced the idea of understanding behavior through its function. The resources we used are available here to assist you with passing your learning on to your colleagues.

Function and Behavior Chart

The chart shows how the two functions are connected to positive and negative reinforcement. A full pdf copy is linked below.

Key Reminders:

  • If a behavior results in successfully meeting the FUNCTION (obtain or escape), it is reinforced.
  • If a behavior is REINFORCED (whether positively or negatively), it is likely to recur.

Negative Reinforcement in Action

Smoke Detector Battery - Firehouse Subs
The behavior that is likely to recur is changing the smoke detector's batteries promptly. That behavior will likely recur because the young man successfully escaped the wretched beeping once he changed them. Reinforcement that occurs as a result of escaping is negative reinforcement.

Positive Reinforcement in Action