Bearcat Weekly

March 27 - 31, 2017

Bearcat Praises

Welcome back from Spring Break and thanks to everyone for making this a great week back! The spring is such a great time of the year and hopefully we can hang on to this great weather for a little while :)

Thank you to our 5th grade teachers and EVERYONE else who helped put together an Awesome reading bootcamp for our kids today. I like the bootcamps for two reasons, number one it gives the kids a different setting to have their review and really targets things that will help them on their test and number 2 it gives them confidence going into next week. And if I had a 3rd reason it would be that these seem to help alleviate some of their stress level going into it. There is no doubt they are as nervous about these things as anyone and we just need to send the message to them that all they can do is their best. If they do that then it will be a success.

Thank you to Mrs. Woodard and her kids for delivering the positive notes of encouragement to the 4th graders this week. That was such a great idea and it's awesome to see everyone pulling together and encouraging one another like this!

Thank you Ms. Nisbett for putting together our bootcamp and testing schedules for these next couple of weeks. As always she does an incredible job taking an idea and making it possible through her planning. Lord knows, if it were in my hands it would not go near as smooth :) I truly appreciate everything she does for us!

Thank you so much to our awesome cafeteria staff! Mrs. Koerner, Mrs. Hernandez, Mrs. Flagg and Mrs. McCallough all do a great job day in and day out serving our kids. They are also so accommodating to the different schedules that we have and always make it work! I just appreciate everything they do for us and our kids!

Thanks so much to Mrs. Galen for ordering and picking up our Sonic drinks today!! Also, thanks to Mrs. Loftis for helping her unload and bring them in, even though I was almost taken out in the process!! :)

5th Grade Reading Bootcamp

Here are some pictures of our 5th grade reading bootcamp! I heard nothing but positive comments from the kids today, in fact, I heard several say they can't wait until Monday so they can do the Math Bootcamp! Pressure is on Mrs. Woodard and Mrs. Mills!

Spanish Project

Big image

Always getting creative

I'm am not sure what these are :) but this is what Mrs. Sudbury and her Spanish class have been working on this week. I can't wait to see the finished product because I have no doubt it will be exceptional as usual with that group!

Vail Johnson Memorial Outdoor Classroom Project

Over the past few weeks I've been meeting with Chad and Susan about creating an outdoor classroom in honor of Vail. We are set to begin reaching out to the community to get the project off the ground and will be having a meeting this Tuesday at 5:30pm in the library. I would really appreciate it if we had some support from our staff there to be involved in this. I think this will be a great way to honor this little girl who touched so many people and be a great way to bring our community together for a great cause.

Campus Leadership Meeting - Wednesday at 3:50

We will meet on Wednesday with our campus leadership team to review what has been submitted and narrow our 2017 CNA. We will have 4 parent representatives there as well so please make sure you've updated your section in google docs.

The next two weeks

March 27 - 4th grade writing and 5th grade Math Bootcamp

March 28 - 4th grade writing and 5th grade Math STAAR - Closed Campus

March 29 - 5th grade reading STAAR - closed campus

March 30 - Fundraiser Delivery

March 31 - UIL Main Event Trip

April 3 - 3rd, 4th, 6th Math Benchmark and Math teacher planning day PM

April 4 - 3rd, 4th, 6th Reading Benchmark and 5th Science Benchmark - Reading and Science Planning Day PM

April 5 - All Staff Meeting at 3:50pm

April 7 - Limo Lunch and Mega Party

We all need a Pep Talk!

If you've never watched these before please do, this one is greatness! Hope you all have an amazing weekend and enjoy your day off tomorrow!
A Pep Talk from Kid President to You