Canada and Australia in 2065

By: Arjan Cambo

Looking at Canada and Australia in 50 Years!

As you go through this article you will learn how Canada and Australia from 2015 will change by 2065. You will get an outline of the immigration and demographic situation in 2015 compared to 2065. We will also look at factors affecting these two countries and how their future looks with them and along with all this their will a video and a collection of visuals.

Canada In 2015

Approximate Population By 2015: 35,425,328

Birth Rate: 10

Number of Births in 2015: 357,247 (approximately 979 per day)

Death Rate: 7.8

Number of Deaths in 2015: 277, 339 (approximately 760 per day)

Natural Increase Rate: 2.2%

Median Age: 40.3 (approx.)

Population Density: 4 P/Km2

Fertility Rate: Approximately 1.66 (Children Per Women)

Life Expectancy: 81 (approximately)

Australia In 2015

Approximate Population By 2015: 23,356,191

Birth Rate: 12

Number of Births in 2015: 280,162 (approximately 768 per day)

Death Rate: 6.7

Number of Deaths in 2015: 156,327 (approximately 428 per day)

Natural Increase Rate: 5.7%

Median Age: 37 (approximately)

Population Density: 3 P/Km2

Fertility Rate: Approximately 1.88 (Children Per Women)

Life Expectancy: 82 (approximately)

Population Pyramids - 2015

Canada in 2065

These Stats Are Approximate Predictions.

Approximate Population By 2065: 47,941,000

Birth Rate: 9.8

Death Rate: 11.6

Natural Increase Rate: -1.8%

Median Age: 45

Population Density: 5 P/Km2

Fertility Rate: 1.8 (Children Per Women)

Life Expectancy: 86

Australia In 2065

These Stats Are Approximate Predictions.

Approximate Population By 2065: 37,165,000

Birth Rate: 10.9

Death Rate: 9.8

Natural Increase Rate: 1.9%

Median Age: 41

Population Density: 6-7 P/Km2

Fertility Rate: 1.7 (Children Per Women)

Life Expectancy: 87

Population Pyramid - 2065

Immigration By 2065 - Push and Pull Factors



By 2065 there will be higher taxes, global warming and cooling, overpopulation in regions and good education for a high paying jobs. Higher taxes will be effected by the population from 2015. In 2015, most of Canada's population was more adults and elders (ages 40-79, baby boomers) then children. In addition technology will be advancing more making our life expectancy to increase as well. So by 2065 many of these adults will be retiring, taking the advantages of free health care and pension plans thus increasing taxes. By 2065 the climate will change as well, it will take lots of time to end pollution and through time pollution will be added causing climate change. There also will be overpopulation in some regions, mostly cities.

Overall Push Factors:

- Higher Taxes

- Global Warming and Cooling

- Overpopulation in Regions

- Would need education to get high paying jobs


By 2065, Canada will be changed and many positive ways. We will have more job opportunities because of the baby boomers (ages 40-79) will be retiring which will give us more job opportunities. Hopefully every country has freedom of rights and a multicultural society by 2065 but Canada will continue to support this. Free health care might attract many people because as we know we will get more advancements in technology and this might increase health care prices in some places.

Overall Pull Factors:

- More Job Opportunities

- Freedom of Rights

- Free Health Care

- Higher Standards of Living

- Multicultural Society



As with today, it is quiet expensive to live in Australia and it looks like it will be the same in the future. There will be expensive goods and properties, high gas prices and internet prices. These high prices are caused by how technologically advanced they are compared to other places. Cities mostly will get more crowed and some parts of Australia face severe winters and cold climates. It will also be difficult to access high paying jobs because of the rapid rate of inflation.

Overall Push Factors:

- Expensive Good and Properties

- Higher Gas Prices

- Higher Internet

- Crowed Regions

- Difficult to Access High Paying Jobs

- Cold Climate in Some Regions


As with today, Australia is more advanced then many places in the world and the future looks the same. With a good education, you will be able to get an good, high paying salaries job. As I have stated before Australia is more advanced then many places and this sets high economic standards and creates a world class education. Australia as a whole is not overpopulated but some regions are more crowed then others. With these factors Australia will be a great place to raise you family.

Overall Pull Factors:

- Better Quality of Life

- Higher Economic Standards

- Job Opportunities

- High Salaries Compared to Most Places

- Not Overpopulated

- Friendly, Familiar, English Speaking Culture

- World Class Education - Great Place to Raise Your Family

Australia's Future As Immigration and Population Grows

Here is video that take up the many factors affecting Australia's future as immigration and population grows.

Canada and Australia

In conclusion, the future of Canada and Australia is similar after looking at there immigration and demographic statistics. Each will be positively and negativity impacted in the near future but catching these negative problems and eliminating them will make their futures more brighter.