DOG DAYS by Karen English CHAPTER 6

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Read-Aloud Tip for Families - Vary Your Rhythm

Have fun with the language in your book. During suspenseful sections, slow down, and let the suspense build. During a particularly meaningful moment, pause and let the impact settle. During emotion-packed scenes, drop your voice to a whisper. When you are reading aloud, you are performing the story. Authors don't want their stories performed in monotone!

Chapter 6: Harper and the Sticky Fingers

In Chapter 6, Gavin is shown the true personalities of some new friends. Are they his friends? What does he think about them? Gavin has to choose what is right and what is wrong.

Chapter 6: Vocabulary Terms

  • abuse (pg 73) - cruel treatment of a person or animal
  • monitor (pg 75) - keep a close eye on
  • reputation (pg 75) - what others think about you
  • ambled (pg 76) - walked at a slow, relaxed pace
  • tentacles (pg 79) - long, flexible arms, like an octopus
  • lame (pg 85) - unconvincing
  • enduring (pg 86) - suffer through a difficult situation patiently

Chapter 6: Trivia Questions

  1. What did Ms. Shelby-Ortiz write on the whiteboard for their morning journal entry?
  2. Where do Gavin and Richard go right after school?
  3. Why did Richard want to go to Mr. D's store?
  4. What did Harper steal from Mr. D's store?
  5. Who said, "What's your uncle up to?...Tell him I'm waiting to challenge him at dominoes"?

Chapter 6: Discussion Questions

  1. Do you think getting a replacement toy for Carlotta is a good idea?
  2. Do you think Gavin should have told Mr. D about Harper stealing from his store? Why or why not? What would you have done if you were in that situation?

Family Activity: Dominoes

Mr. D at the convenience store asks Gavin to tell his uncle he is waiting to challenge him at dominoes. Have a family game night and play dominoes. Don't know how to play? Check out online videos to learn. Dominoes can be so much fun and there are so many different games to play with one set.


Use the BINGO card as another family activity!
Big picture

"I'm sure Carlotta is going to like her new quarters." (pg 30) Gavin's Father when he sees how upset his wife is that Carlotta is at the table.