Welcome to YOUR TEAM!

You are now a Chloe & Isabel Fabulous First Lady!



Welcome to Team #FabulousFirstLadies ! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to have you on our team!

I hope you ready to bring your A GAME! The Fabulous First Ladies are all about being creative, being fun, being quirky and using these fun assets to create a business that you can truly be proud of.

This team is your idea board, your support board, your ‘OMG I need help board!’ It is also your ‘LOOK WHAT I DID’ board, and your ‘YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS’ board!

You will learn quickly that a big part of what makes the C & I Community so tremendously stupendous is the fact that the amount of shared ideas is endless! This is a community of sharing and caring. The ability to change your path and try a new direction when needed is here, among your fellow merchandisers at any given moment.

Why the Fabulous First Ladies?

Think about the image that comes to your head when you hear the word, First Lady. Whether it is the lovely wife of our nations President’s, the lady in charge of on organization whether church or heck, motorcycle club, these ladies are the caregivers. They are the moral compass, the guiders, the providers, the fashionistas, and the ones that are looked up to within their community. They are the person other’s go to for advice and the ones others look up to and strive to become more like.

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My goal as your team leader is to help you and our team become this model. I am here to help you any way I can and I hope that you will use me to help you achieve exactly what you want you and your business to become. This happens thru communication, interaction, creativity, and sharing. To get there, I have some goals and expectations from you to help us achieve magical dreams and goals.

  • Expect great things from yourself.

  • Understand that your business grows by how much you put into it.

  • Be accountable for your input and your part in the success.

  • Be available

  • Be creative

  • Be a role model in our industry

  • Always be positive

  • Don’t accept a no as a no but as a not right now

  • Be your brand

Thing to get you Started

A few things to get started:

  1. I will be sending you a friend request if you are on FB. This gives us additional ways to communicate and gives me the ability to add you to our FB group page.

  2. Please put me in your phone contacts for easy fast access. While text or our FB group is probably the quickest methods to get in contact with me, please never hesitate to contact me via the method you choose. I do work full time during the day, Mon thru Fri until around 5pm so please understand that I may not always be able to respond immediately.

    1. Email: stephanieboone2@aol.com

    2. Text or Phone: 931-624-3474

    3. On FB: Stephanie Mixon Boone (for about another month, until I get married in June)

3. Please go to the following link and complete the Google Form. This gives me an opportunity to get to know you, and your business goals in order to help you better. This form will so be at the very bottom embeded into this email. http://goo.gl/forms/P5XO7tX61G

Getting to Know You Questionnaire

Click here to complete the form

4. Please schedule a call with me after you have completed the form. It won’t take long. I just want to put a name and a voice with the face and get to know you a little better. You can do so by going to: http://fabfirstladies.setmore.com/

5. And last but certainly not least, please sign up for our text club. This gives me a quick and immediate way to communicate with the entire group for reminders, quick notes and more. The link to sign up is here: remind.com/join/sparkleon
Text Club Link

Click here to sign up for the text club

So, WELCOME! Please hop on the page, introduce yourself and let’s begin the fun and your journey to excellence!

Ohh, did I mention each person who completes ALL of the steps above will be entered for a chance to WIN a prize. I will pull a name at the end of each month! Whoop! Who doesn't want a FREE PRIZE just for following a few easy steps!

Fabulous First Ladies - Chloe & Isabel

Here to help each other achieve our goals thru guidance, caring, mentoring and sharing excellent ideas that will take each persons business to a new level!