3 step shake-up: new year new you!

MyShowcase by Regional Stylist Director, Melanie Ashworth

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Happy new year to all my customers,

Best wishes to each and every one of you for a happy, healthy and wealthy new year and sincerest thanks for your custom, friendship and support during 2015. As 2016 stretches before us, you've probably already asked yourself what the new year means for you. Are you looking to re-vive, re-energise or re-invent yourself or maybe you're looking to re-purpose your direction?

Whatever your personal goal and reason behind it, MyShowcase we can give you the tools to open the door to that personal goal for you. I have a cupboard-full of secret beauty and wellbeing products to help you detox your current beauty and wellness regime and even reinvent your career!

STEP 1: Shake-up your shopping! Check out our first mid-season mini beauty edit, curated by MyShowcase co-founder, Kate Shapland. Discover our new wellbeing brands; Pure Elixir, Just for Tummies and Tazeka as well as Percy & Reed, Barely Cosmetics, Madara and Instant Effects.

STEP 2: Shake-up your skincare and make-up regimes! Book a showcase or beauty shake-up for yourself, friends or family.

STEP 3: Shake-up your life! Ask me about our Stylist opportunity and I'll help you achieve your new year goals.

Below is the link to your personal copy of our online Beauty Book, or SHOP OUR WELLNESS EDIT RIGHT HERE!


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Book a date with me and you and your 5-6 friends will have a fun night trying each of our skincare brands and having a (self-administered!) facial.

I'll bring a shake-up station for each of you and your guests (you get to keep the cute headband) and I'll bring the Balm Balm, Balance Me, Orba, Elizabeth's Daughter, Jane Scrivener, Antonia Burrell and Aurelia skincare ranges with me. Plus, of course, our must-have Magnitone!

You can try all of these brands, or just focus on one or two if you prefer, and I'll share with you the inside tips and tricks direct from each of the brand founders to help you maximise the most out of your skincare regime.

Write your own 'prescription' wish list or place an order. As a host, you'll receive a 20% discount off everything you order plus a £40 or £50 gift voucher* too!

I have weekend and some week night shake-up dates free in January or February - message me to secure your shake-up night!

*Gift voucher subject to orders on the evening - 5 orders for a £40 voucher and 8 orders for a £50 voucher. The 20% is yours regardless of orders though.


It's the first week of January and inevitably I've had a few friends messaging me today...'tell me more about this MyShowcase thing then'.... So, for those of you are a little intrigued and want to know more about what being a Stylist is all about here are a few things you should know:

  • Business in a box - and you can choose to make of it as you wish: Whether you're looking to detox your wellness regime indulge your passion for fabulous beauty products, take up a new hobby, share with friends or family, earn some extra income part-time or launch a brand new career. Your personal goals and personal why are just that - personal to you - but whatever your personal 'why' , MyShowcase gives you the tools to open the door to that personal goal for you.

  • You'll be your own boss - whatever time you put into the business is your choice, how you choose to run your business is your choice, its individual and flexible. Some stylists join as they're already in the beauty industry and they see an opportunity to weave the MyShowcase products into their existing businesses, and others are building a customer base from scratch, personal 1:1 consultations, friends and family showcases or through social media.

  • Previous experience not necessary - a love of beauty products will suffice and we will provide you with all the training you need direct from MyShowcase HO and also from all of our partner brands themselves!

  • The beauty kit you receive after joining is A. May. Zing! - There's almost £500 worth of products which you receive for your £199 investment, plus materials to help you get started as a Stylist. As a Stylist enjoy a 50% discount across all products to boost your kit in your first 30 days, and then 40% discount afterwards.

  • No obligation - Zip! Nada! Nothing! After joining, no obligation to spend any amount of money, no obligation to hit any particular target, no obligation to work any particular hours and no obligation to run your business like any other Stylist - its yours!

  • We're here to help - we'll help you grow your business in a way that works for you and will be here to give you lots of help and advice. As a Stylist, you'll be able to access our exclusive Stylist Hub which provides you with access to online stylist training and online brand training. You can also join our brand training days and as part of my team you'll have access to my secret team Facebook group and the Head Office Stylist Facebook group so there's always someone on hand to help!

  • Incentives - There's also so many incentives from MyShowcase and the brands we work with its really amazing!
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Ready to take the plunge?

One current offer that I'm able to give you is our 'host to stylist' offer which would allow you to host a showcase for your friends and family first (I would come over and be your Stylist for the evening) and then you can spend your host rewards against the joining cost (so at least 20% off and if you have either 5 or 8 individual orders against your show you will receive a further £40 or £50 voucher deduction too) - which reduces the cost to £119 depending on how you choose to allocate your host rewards.

Ready to take the plunge already? JOIN HERE, and I'll help you figure the rest out afterwards or give me a call on the number below!


Melanie Ashworth, Regional Stylist Director for MyShowcase

Contact me for beauty and style advice, to place an order, book a private appointment, book a trunk show or showcase with friends, join my team or launch your own business as a Stylist.