Croydon Past and Present

by Daniel and Conan


Croydon is a modern and residential suburb located apporximately 10km west of the CBD. Croydon is very multicultural and is between Sydney and Parramatta. The postcode for Croydon is 2134 and was named after the British suburb Croydon in East London.

Croydon Train Station when it was called Five Dock

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The Croydon Train Station Today

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Australian Aborigines

The original inhabitants of the area

The originals inhabitants ( A.K.A) the Aboriginals lived a distinct lifestyle but that changed due to British arrival. The Wangal clan part of the Dharug nation.Mainly worked in two groups of gender, The men hunted whilst the women gathered. The men speared animals such as kangaroos, wombats, wallabies and other animals. The women gatherd berries, fruit, insects and small edible things.

Ceremonies included dancing, singing and other spiritual beliefs. This taught the young children in the tribe. They played instruments such as didgeridoo and clapping sticks. They also had a religion of the Dreamtime. The Dreamtime included the rainbow serpent and other famous spirits and other members of your tribe.

The resources that the Aboriginals used were natural. This included wood, bark, animal skin, rocks, leaves and other natural resources. They used these materials to make things such as canoes, weapons, gunnya's, clothing and fire.

When the British settled to the area

The first settlers were the Europeans and the British. They lived a very different lifestyle to the original inhabitants of the Wangal land. They also built weapons stronger than the Aboriginal ones. They also built pernament sturctures unlike the Aboriginals and they also brang sheep, cattle, pigs and chickens instead of the natural animals of the land.

They decided to move to the Croydon area because, it was between the two main settlements Parramatta and Sydney plus the land was not very dense. The land became more residental as the land was subdivided.

First Fleet - Behind the News

Important events in the area

Croydon has had many historical events during the years:

  • The Sydney to Parramatta railway being built 1793
  • Parramatta Road built 1791
  • Liverpool Road built 1813
  • John Towson being the first resident 1784
  • PLC established 1892
  • Croydon Public School 1884
  • Centurium of the post office 2013


Croydon as a modern suburb

Croydon today is a multicultural and residential suburb. The population of Croydon is made up of 48% men and 52%. The total population in 2006 was 8786. The aging of people was from 0-17 was 22%, 18-60 was 60% and above 61 was only 8%. The main countries of birthplace is Australia, China and Italy combinded with 62%. The main religion is Catholicism Christianity, Atheist and Anglican. THe main languages spoken excluding English are Italian, Mandarin and Cantonese. In the area their are also lots of schools.
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Steam Train at Croydon Railway Station NSW

The Future of Croydon

The houses in the area will turn into units as the population of Croydon grows and more people want to live around Croydon. As there are more train pass Croydon Train Station . So the train station will expand from 5 platforms to about 8 platforms. We think that The Strand will unfortunately get vandaled but the shops and restaurants are still great to look and dine around.
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