Oconomowoc High School Sports

27 Sports.... 1 Team.

Here at Oconomowoc High School, we are a triple threat.

Sports, academics, and arts are all equally important, and it is our job to prove that. That is why it is so impressive to see our school excel as much as we have in all of these categories. In addition to our recently added Arts Center, all of the sports fields here at Oconomowoc have been remodeled to amazing extents.

Our Mission

As a whole team, the entire community of Oconomowoc wants to push the limits as far as possible. We want to succeed in every area, even more than we already do. We will strive for excellence and train until we reach our goals, and do whatever it takes to get there.


We are very proud to say that every year, the number of scholarships gets bigger and bigger. This year alone, we have more than five seniors who have full scholarships to high end schools all over the country, coming from a variety of sports.

Tough Times for Oconomowoc

Although we have struggled with losing key seniors in every sport, all of our teams have united and rebounded back from our lowest points. We have all experienced success and failure. One of the things Oconomowoc prides itself on is our ability to pick ourselves up when we fall down. Practices are taken seriously, and games are always played at 110% by every player. Oconomowoc wins as a team, loses as a team, but most importantly, it plays as a team.