2015 Howell Tee Ball

Team #9

My name is Joe Adam and I will be your child's tee ball coach this season. I attended the league meeting last night and received everyone's contact information. At this particular point I have not received any game and/or practice schedules. As soon as I get those I will email everyone immediately. A little heads up as it relates to practice. We will not be scheduled into certain days and times (ex:Tuesdays at 6) instead they will give us random time slots each week so our times will always be changing. I know this is not always convenient, but we will make it work to the best of our abilities. Once I get all of the practice and game info I would like to schedule a parent meeting with the parents and students. A few things that I would like to cover is parent volunteers, snacks, and team guidelines. I look forward to meeting everyone and you will hear from me again soon!


All games and practices WILL be at Northwest Fields.