Homework Expectations

Fall 2018

Homework Questions Addressed:


Students are given a spelling list each week that is selected based on individual student needs. This may or may not be the same list a friend receives in neighboring classes or even within our own class. My goal is to help each individual learner succeed at work selected to suit his or her own unique needs.

Please complete one spelling tic-tac-toe activity each night Monday-Wednesday using all of your child's spelling words. On Thursday, please help your child take a practice spelling test. On Friday, students are tested on 10 of their words (word selection is unannounced). For the test, students will need to group their words in their appropriate sorts.


We like our weekly math practice sheet that allows students continual exposure to all of the various strands of the math curriculum. You may occasionally see a different form of homework sent home that provides students with practice focused on a particular strand or standard if teachers feel that additional or focused practice is necessary.

Reading Log

We ask that students read at least 20 minutes every night. Please record the book title and number of pages read on your child's reading log. These are checked daily and collected at the end of the month. My goal is for students to read at least 250 pages per month, or roughly 20 pages per weeknight.

Reader's Response Journal

Please allow your child to respond to a reader's response question on looseleaf paper to turn in on Wednesdays and Fridays. Your child may bring home his or her guided reading book with assigned response questions intended to serve as an extension of the guided reading lesson. If books are not returned, we will need to stop this practice.

Homework Check:

Homework is checked daily and collected on Fridays.