EdTech January Newsletter

Get Into Coding

The Hour Of Code Is Over...

But that doesn't mean you can't continue it throughout the remainder of the year. When Barack Obama signed "Every Student Succeeds", it made Computer Science as important as Math or Science. Coding and Programming is a great playlist activity, and there are many ways to implement it inside of your classroom.

Here are some type resources/sites if you are interested in doing this on a more regular basis:


Code Monkey

Code Combat

Code Academy



Khan Academy Coding (Advanced)

Code Avengers (Middle School)

Gamestar Mechanic

February 14 PLN

Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 3-4pm


The November i4 Technology Training

We all had a great time at the i4 "Dive Deep Into Blended Learning" training in November. Teachers got a chance to check out the latest gadgets that could be making their way into classrooms very soon. i4 teachers also got to sit in on some break-out sessions, and learn all about the digital playlist-maker, Blendspace. All in all it was a great training and fun to see everyone in i4 doing amazing things.
i4 Gadgets