The Pentagon

The Five Sided Landmark

Introducing The Building

Did you ever wonder about being in a building that can fit over twenty three thousand people! A building that took over thirteen thousand workers to make in just twelve months! Did you ever wonder about being in a building that is fifty times your house? Its the Pentagon.

Pentagon Attack

Even though the Pentagon is very unique that doesn't mean that it isn't vulnerable to be attacked! The Pentagon was attacked in 2001 on September eleventh the Pentagon was attacked by a plane that had crashed maybe purposely into one of the Pentagon's five-sided offices. Over 189 people both men and woman died including the Terrorists that had crashed into the Pentagon. Fun Fact: The Pentagon was attacked when the Twin towers were destroyed on September eleventh 2001.

Building The Merchandise

I just got news for more interesting facts. Engineers built the Pentagon in 1941 with thirteen thousand builders in twelve months. The President at the time was actually Franklin D. Roosevelt and he had to approve the design for the Pentagon first, and well he did. Fun Fact: The Pentagon was built near World War ll!

Inside Of The Secret

Finally the inside of the Pentagon! The Pentagon has over 641 water fountains and 284 bathrooms! It has the largest telephone system and enough telephone wire to wrap the world four times and have extra over to maybe wrap a cup 5 times. Fun Fact: The Pentagon is one of the worlds largest low rise office building!

Concluding: Of The Pentagon

To wrap things up, the Pentagon had a plane crash, A history of building the famous landmark and most importantly the inside of the genius creation itself. The pentagon isn't called the biggest low rise office building for nothing! Fun Fact: The Pentagon's secrets aren't revealed, yet!

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Tour Of The Pentagon

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