special fx makeup

why is this career interesting to you?

seeing the work people put into this , people think makeup is only used for "glamimg up " but it can be used for many different things not all the special effects are done on the computer

what are the activities this person preforms ?

special effects makeup artists are different from regular makeup artists, instead of beautifying actors and actresses they often spend their time doing the exact opposite . They create bruises , cuts , blood , deformities , mutations and weird creatures

what trade school/college can i attend to pursue this career?

Blue Ridge Community College

California Institute of the Arts

Carnegie Mellon University

Greensboro college

Marymount Manhattan College

Montclair State University

Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas

what is the salary range for this job?

the median salary was $77,827in 2014

less experience artists national average was $33,779

those more experience earning average was $108,618

to whom does this person report to?

make-up artists may work directly for a production company or theater , or they may be self-employed.