The Dark Side Of Chocolate

Child Labor In the Cocoa Industry

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Think before you take a bite...

Have you ever wondered where your chocolate comes from? You might think that it comes from cocoa plantations in Africa. You would be right about that, but did you know that on most of these cocoa farms children are used as the laborers? The sweet chocolate that you savor doesn't have a very sweet background. In Ghana and the Ivory Coast, most of the children being forced to work on cocoa farms are between the ages of 12 and 16. These children are deprived of their education, families, health and childhood. Just to get chocolate bars to you, children labor day and night, usually in dangerous conditions. Stop sugarcoating child labor, and raise awareness for the millions of children out there being forced to work against their will.


How You Can Help End Child Labor

Many products are made with child labor, chocolate especially. Companies don't want to be associated with child labor and dislike bad publicity. As a consumer, you have a powerful influence. Before making a purchase, take into consideration what you are buying and where it came from. As an individual, you can simply raise awareness. Many companies ''sugarcoat'' child labor, but by just informing people about where their chocolate comes from, we will be able to make a difference.
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About Us

Hello! We are the CLAO- Child Labor Awareness Organization. We aim to end child labor in the cocoa industry, mainly in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. We plan to do this by raising awareness about "The Dark Side of Chocolate." Please call this number if you want to join our campaign and help end child labor.