Smoking Kills

Don't start.

Why Even Do It?

Many people ask, why do teens even use tobacco? For each individual its different. Some reasons include...
  • Peer pressure
  • They think it will help them control their weight or cope in times of stress
  • It will make them feel more mature and independent
  • Media influences
  • To imitate or model celebrities or other adults who smoke
  • Influenced by ads
None of these reasons are strong enough to physically and mentally overpower a person. If you end up in a situation where smoking is evolved, stand up and say no. In North Carolina, 20.3% of high school students smoke. Which smoking while you are under the age of 18 is illegal. Don't be apart of that 20.3%. Stay living longer by living the healthy lifestyle.

Give it up!

There is no reason to smoke, so why even do it? If you buy one pack of cigaretts a day for one year, it would cost you $2,400. Such a waste of money, right? There are different strategies to help you end your addiction for example: Choose friends who don't use tobacco, avoid situations where tobacco products may be used, and practice and use refusal skills.

This is a website that will help you individually with what you need. Try it out, end your addiction!

Just the facts

  • The percentage of NC adults who smoke is 22.1%
  • Amount of money that 1 pack a days costs for 1 year is $2,400
  • The percentage of NC high school students who smoke is 20.3%
  • The amount of money that NC spends annually in heath care sots and loss of productivity is $4.7 billion
  • There are 33 chemicals found in a single cigarette
  • Amount of people that die a day from tobacco use in the US is 1,200
  • The percentage of Union County boys who use spit tobacco is 9.4%
  • Amount of money cigareete advertisemets spend a year is $13.3 billion
  • The percentage of adult smoker who started before the age of 18 is 90%
  • 33 people die a day in NC from tobacco

Another website that will help you stop your smoking addiction.