Tech Tidbits

Dec. 5, 2014


Virtual Fieldtrips

  • Virtual Fieldtrips/Webcasts; I will continue to send out any virtual fieldtrips/webcasts that I find each week. There are virtual fieldtrips through Colonial Williamsburg monthly. This will be great for 5th grade as they have recently finished teaching this in Social Studies. I am sharing this with everyone as these fieldtrips would be great for any grade. Dec. 11 at 9am or 12pm you will find a live stream called "The Amazing Trade shop Science Race". click on the link to learn a little more.
  • I have also added this as a Husky Reward next week at 9:00 am.

Computer Science Education Week Dec. 8-14

Just a reminder that we have provided a new app called "light-bot Hour of Code" for next week with your students. Please refer back to the email I sent earlier this week with a video and haiku block to share with parents. The students should have fun coding!!

New App iLanguageCloud

I found a great app that is just like Wordle. It's called iLanguageCloud. I have created quick instructions in the tech resource folder or click here to see.

Ways to use it:

  • Practice spelling words
  • Examples of compound words, homophones, or roots
  • Type character of main story numerous times to make big and then type up character traits to go around the character
  • Brainstorming writing ideas
  • Just about anything skill you teach

Damaged Chargers

Some teachers have asked for instructions on what to do when students need to replace a charger. Here is a Haiku block that someone made earlier and wanted to reshare this for your Haiku blocks.