Book by: R. J. Palacio/Flyer by: Kloee Berry


There is a boy who is not like most boys. He is looked at like he does not belong, but he is just like any other boy just with a different face. His name is August and his two friends Summer and Jack. He started going to public school to be more like an average boy, but there was a bully named Julian who is being snarl to him. Jack and Summer have enough courage to stand up for him.

Rising action

A rumor goes around school that who ever touches august gets "the pledge". Jack and summer stand up for him and make them stop. Jack sees August room and finds out he likes star wars and they bond over it and become very good friends.
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Augusts' friend Jack says some very rude things about august behind his back now this is a surprise, August does not want to be friends with Jack anymore, and if you are wondering what his face looks like you will just have to read the book.
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Resolution/falling action

Later on in the story August and Jack make up. Then August' dog Daisy passes away and it is a very devastating moment in the story. He ends up getting two great friends and he feels more like a regular boy.