Assessing My Leadership Journey

Nicole Cook-Madgett

My Personal Goal as a Leader

- to support a learning team within a school and build capacity;

- to be an instructional leader;

- to cultivate relationships that serve staff, students and the school community;

- to respond to the needs of ALL learners;

- to advocate for ALL students and their success;

- to co-create a safe, inclusive, equitable learning environment that inspires belonging and a sense of community

Educational and Teaching Background

  • 16 teaching years experience with PDSB
  • Early Literacy Teacher, servicing 5 schools, North Field Office
  • Primary, Junior, Intermediate Qualifications
  • Primary, Junior, and Intermediate Teacher, 3 schools, West and South Field Offices
  • Special Education Qualifications Part 1 and 2
  • Special Education Teacher, grades 6 - 8, Gifted / LD
  • Part 1 and 2 of the Principal's Qualification Program
  • Administrator, International Language Program, 3 schools, kindergarten - grade 12

Reflection of Leadership Development - Peel Leadership Framework Gap Analysis

Most Recent Experiences

Climate for Learning and Working

- Advocacy for Learners - Character Education Program, Hillcrest

  • supporting student character development
  • students have a safe and appropriate place to learn - Peel 6 Character Attributes
  • implements positive plans for student behaviour - 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens / Me to We

- Parent and Community Relations - Parent Council & School Success Plan, Hillcrest

- Chinese New Year Celebration, IL Program

  • working collaboratively with school councils
  • school council's efforts align with the school success plan
  • forging proactive, positive relationships

- Interpersonal / Intrapersonal Skills - OFIP Sessions, Early Literacy Teacher

  • motivating staff within a culture of a professional learning community to improve student achievement
  • differentiates leadership styles to meet specific needs and situations

Leadership for Learning

- Visionary Leadership - Book talk, "Authentic Childhood" by S. Fraser, K Teachers

- Use of iPads, Apps, Web 2.0 applications in the classroom

- Collaborated on Running Record App for PDSB

- Levelled Literacy Intervention, Training and Application

  • demonstrate commitment to one's own professional growth as well as that of staff
  • is informed about technology uses and impact (QR Codes in libraries, iPads in K classrooms for documentation, Popplets in the classroom, SMORE flyer in Book talk, Voice Threads)
  • demonstrates a commitment to reflective practice and professional growth for self and staff

- Professional Knowledge in Action - Site Administrator, International Language Program

  • responsibility for site management, adhering to board policies and procedures
  • adheres to board policies and procedures related to recruitment, hiring, assignment of staff
  • establish a system for handling student records, budgets, timetables, supervision and attendance

- Communication Skills - Early Literacy Teacher, Communication with 5 schools

  • communicates with all stakeholders effectively (staff, students, administrators)
  • communicates information in various forms, including technology, to all stakeholders on a regular basis (visible presence, approachable manner, e-mail, on- line surveys, one-on-one meetings / support, instructional modelling using a variety of formats, sharing of resources)
  • gives and receives effective feedback
  • responds to issues and concerns in a timeline manner through a variety of media

Teaching and Learning

- Instructional Leadership - Early Literacy Teacher, PM Benchmark Training

- Early Literacy Teacher, Carberry PS

- Early Literacy Teacher, CIL-L Network

  • shared responsibility, building capacity, distributed leadership
  • facilitates an inquiry based approach to data and school improvement (EQAO data and report card data, commitment to effective instructional practices e.g. Guided Reading
  • demonstrates a deep understanding of of current curriculum, instruction and assessment practices

- Supervision of Staff - Site Administrator, International Language Program

- (TIC) Teacher In Charge, 3 schools

  • actively engage in the supervision of staff
  • conduct performance appraisals

Next Steps

  • Reflect on the Peel Leadership Framework based on my experiences in the role of an Early Literacy Teacher

  • Update my portfolio to reflect the work that I have done while in the role of an Early Literacy Teacher

  • Communicate an interest in an Acting Vice Principal position to further develop my leadership skills and experiences

My Three Year Plan

2013 - 2014 - Early Literacy Teacher - 2nd year

- Complete Library AQ, Technology AQ's

2014 - 2015 - Early Literacy Teacher - 3rd year - Position Ends

Fall 2014 - Enter the Vice Principal Promotion Process or

- Interview for Library position in spring 2015 - Transfer my skills as an ELT to a resource position within a school ~ supporting teachers and students with curriculum and instruction or

- If positions exist ~ consider application for Information Technology Resource Teacher

Fall 2015 - Vice Principal / Librarian / IT RT