KB Classroom Update 8

December 18, 2015

Parent Update

Dear KB Families,

As we near the end of the term and the end of 2015 we are so happy to see the way our students have grown. We are also so thankful to our supportive KB families! Thank you to all the families for attending Parent Teacher Conferences. It was lovely having the time to discuss and share how much the students have grown during the past three months. After having the time to sit and chat with all of you, it was astounding to see just how much our students resembled their parents. No wonder, they are so amazing right? :-) Thank you also, for taking the time to attend our first Curriculum Share. It was a huge success! The students were so proud to share what they had been learning with their families. We can't wait to see what sorts of projects they will produce in the upcoming Curriculum Shares! For families who were unable to attend, please take a look at the pictures and videos below. Enjoy!

December Birthday Celebrations

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Working Hard in KB!

Sounds in Motion (Part 2)

KB Morning Read Aloud

Volunteer for Morning Read Aloud

KB loves reading, and we love hearing other adults read to us. If you would like to join us for a morning read aloud, please use the link above to volunteer. We can't wait for you to visit!

Fall Curriculum Share: Community

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Community Song
Community Dance Performance

Playing Hard in KB!

Volunteer to help out during Recess at Metrotech

Please join us on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fridays from 11:15-12:00pm as we play at Metrotech!

Volunteer to help during Recess at Fort Greene Park

Please join us on Wednesdays from 11:15-1:00pm as we play and eat at Fort Greene Park!

Specials in Kindergarten B!

Physical Education with Coach M

WOW! KB has finished playing with the parachute and we had a great time. Check out some wonderful pictures and a video below of our parachute adventures. We are looking forward to new units after the holiday break and to keep building up our KB muscles! Enjoy the break but do not forget to remind your little KB kiddos to do some ABC pushups over vacation :)
Parachute Fun

Dance with Ms. Siby

I'd like to congratulate our KB dancers on a wonderful curriculum share! As you were able to see, they are well versed in attending to the rhythm (Pata Pata dance), and changing directions in unison. Even more impressive, is their ability to create unique shapes in response to verbal cues and their improvisation skills - these dancers are amazing! As we approach the year's end, we've been exploring the Nutcracker through a dance story where the toys come to life! Ask your dancers to share their favorite part of the story with you. Happy Holidays!
Make Your Own Shape
Copy the Shape
KB Freestyle Dance 2

Science with Ms. Rosabal

Science has been a whirlwind of sculpting, painting, and moving our bodies to show our understanding! First, KB Scientists got to explore the changes that trees go through in the Spring, when blossoms start to appear. Through this exploration they really became captivated by the idea of fruits that grow on trees. Later, they fashioned tree models out of salt dough, with an emphasis on trees with verdant crowns, blossoms, buds, and fruit. Because KB Scientists really responded to learning about fruit trees, lately we've been exploring the world of apple trees. We learned that apples have been around for over two million years, there are thousands of species of apple, and the little pockets where the seeds live are called carpals! Later, we made up a body movement to show each structural component of the apple fruit. KB Scientists should feel very proud of themselves for all that they've learned!
Parts of an Apple Game

Art with Ms. Walsh

Please watch our KB Artists in the video below about trees (bark, branches, leaves) from the Curriculum Share!
Bark, Branches, Leaves!


  • During our upcoming Transportation Unit, students will be inquiring about the different ways that we travel around Brooklyn, the country, and the world. As part of our study, we will be visiting the New York Transit Museum. YAY! We are going on our first field trip on Friday, March 11th from 9-12:30pm. We would like two parents to accompany our each to the museum. Please see the link below to sign up. Thank you!
  • Bi-weekly trips to the Park Slope Armory will begin on Friday January 8th. We will go from 10-12pm and then come back to eat lunch in the classroom. Please send your child to school with rubber-soled shoes or a change of shoes (if they wear winter boots). Keep an eye out for more information and a chance to sign up to volunteer in the upcoming smore.
  • Over winter break, please watch and continually practice the Sounds in Motion video from KB Classroom Update 6 with the students. With repeated exposure to each letter attached to a physical motion, they can build their listening skills and this in turn, helps to improve articulation, vocabulary skills, auditory memory, phonemic awareness, and early literacy.
Volunteer to help out for KB Transit Museum Field Trip

We would like two volunteers to accompany us on our first field trip to the Transit Museum. Please click the link above to sign up!


  • Please send your student to school with a water bottle with their name and class clearly labeled on it, in order to prevent trips outside the classroom to the water fountain. The water bottles can be taken home each day or on Fridays to be washed.
  • Please clearly label all of your students' belongings. If your child is missing something, check out the Lost and Found on the 10th floor!
  • We will send home a stapled packet of student work every Friday. Students should leave their green folders in their backpacks to bring any papers or notices. Families can empty the folders and finish any incomplete work together at home.
  • Park days to Fort Greene Park are on Wednesdays, as long as weather permits. Please, pack a bagged lunch on those days and send your child to school with rubber-soled shoes. If it is 45 degrees or above, we will go to the park and have lunch there. If it is between 30 and 45 degrees, we will go to the park for playtime and return to school for lunch. If it is less than 10 degrees (real feel) or unsafe conditions (rain or ice), we will stay indoors.

Classroom Links

Volunteer for Family Community Share

KB loves learning about different types of communities along with our inquiry unit. Please use the link above to sign up and share about your family's cultural tradition and heritage!

KB Amazon Wish List

If you donate something to the class, we want to thank you in advance and we would appreciate if you could tell us the itemized list, so we could pass the information along to the Operations Team in order for them to ensure that we receive the items.

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Important Dates to Remember

  • 12/23 - Early Dismissal: No ASP (1:30pm)
  • 12/24-1/3 - Winter Break (No school)
  • 1/18 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day (No school)

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