Clark High School Monday Memo

February 8, 2016

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Please Congratulate our February Students of the Month

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What a busy week! The head of Library Media Services asked all the librarians to send her pictures of a “well attended” library. This was on Wednesday, when Clark Library hosts the “Homework Club” until 7pm. I knew we would get some great pictures and the students did not disappoint. We had over 80 students sign in!

Note from Janis: A huge thank you to Will and Aquil for working extended hours during my absence. Another huge thank you to Tracy Franco for choosing to extend the library hours on Wednesday mornings as well!!

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Below: Ms.Evelyn Gibson tutoring PreAP students on A Tale of Two Cities. Homework Club is a great time to come and work with students who need extra help.

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On Friday, Ms. Stanton dropped by with her Academic Literacy class for a vocabulary building Pictionary game. Ms. Lynd thought it was such a great idea that she thinks she’s going to get pictionary for the library!

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Check out last Tuesday's Spring Prep Rally

Clark High School PEP RALLY 2.2.16

The Clark Site-Based Improvement Team met this past Tuesday to review its progress towards this year's campus goals

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Aquil was definitely representing the Wildcats "in style" this past Friday...

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Late Game Drama...the 10th Grade Girls won in the last seconds this past Friday night! Check it out below.Congratulations Coach Gibreath!

Clark HS 10th Girls Basketball vs. Marcus Last Seconds

The Clark HS Choir Dessert Show was a packed house on Friday night

Clark HS Choir Dessert Show 2.5.16

LTC Barry Rhoden and SFC John Kell represent Clark High School and Plano Senior High School at this past Saturday night's Annual JROTC Ball

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What adorable baby brothers! Below are Cristina Kraft's two sons, Jack and Hudson. Hudson is only two weeks old!

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Safety Net is Back! Please see Ms. Patti Saucier if you have questions about this great support group for students.

The Plano Independent School District, in collaboration with Child and Family Guidance Center (CFGC), has implemented a Curriculum-Based Support Group (CBSG) at Clark High School. These groups will provide students with opportunities to discuss problems and concerns in a supportive environment, while gaining valuable information and skills. The topics being addressed include self-esteem, communication, anger management, conflict resolution, coping skills/problem solving, and the risks of drugs and alcohol; an explanation of the curriculum units follows.

The Safety Net Program provides prevention/intervention services that could include prevention education groups and skills training, alternative activities dealing with drug free messages, individual consultation, and problem identification and referral services. The program will be offered at school during school hours. There is no fee for this program.

Because this program is optional, parental permission is required to allow a student to participate in the support group at any time during the school year.

The permission slip and referral letter for this program are available in the Counseling Center, or you can send the names of any potential participants to Patti Saucier.

Curriculum-Based Support Group Available for Students

This is a 10 group session, using the Positive Action curriculum, aimed at giving students a chance to discuss problems and concerns in a supportive environment while gaining some information on skills that could improve their lives. This group will be held at the school during school hours. Students will receive an excused absence for the class they miss, but will still be responsible for all work. Group time will be rotated so students will not miss the same class more than twice. Below is an explanation of each unit of the Positive Action curriculum.


· Screening forms

· Permission slips

· Pre-tests

· Group guidelines – honesty, respect, confidentiality*

*exceptions include: child neglect or abuse, court order, intention of imminent harm to self/others

Unit 1—Self-Concept: Its Definition, Formation, and Importance

· Self-esteem issues

· Thoughts-Actions-Feelings Circle: positive thoughts lead to positive actions, positive actions lead to positive feelings about yourself, and positive feelings lead to more positive thoughts.

Unit 2—Physical and Intellectual Positive Actions for a Healthy Self-Concept

· Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Education;

· Peer Pressure

· Problem Solving

· Importance of physical, intellectual, and social/emotional well-being

Unit 3—Managing Yourself

· Communication skills

· Coping with stressful family situations

· Choosing to respond vs. react

Until 4—Getting Along with Others

· Developing a Code of Conduct

· Anger management

· Peer pressure

· Refusal skills

Unit 5—Telling Yourself the Truth

· Investigation of Making Excuses as a Negative Action

· Accepting Responsibility

· Objectively looking at ourselves

Unit 6—Improving Yourself Continually

· Short and Long Term Goal Setting for all aspects of life: physical, intellectual, social, and emotional

Please Read IF you want to wear jeans EVERY Monday for the remainder of the semester!!

The Plano ISD Education Foundation Employee Campaign is scheduled for February 15th through February 26th. With your assistance, the Plano ISD Education Foundation has had the ability to continuously support priority programs identified by the district for which tax dollars are not available. The Foundation has been able to give our district over $1 million to support district-wide programs that make an impact in the lives of our 61,000 students, teachers, and staff. We hope to exceed this year’s employee contribution goal. We will soon be receiving our campus goal for the year as well as all of the Pledge Forms to be provided to you.

There will be three ways to give:

· Payroll draft of five equal payments

· One-time check payment

· One-time credit card payment

For security reasons, the Plano ISD Education Foundation is no longer accepting cash donations.

Even if you opt not to donate this year, we would like for you to complete a pledge form. Before you decide, just know we have some perks as a thank you for your generosity.

· There will be a treat for EVERYONE that drops off their form.

· The first 20 people to turn in their forms will be treated with a hand-delivered Sonic beverage.

· Anyone donating $50 or more will receive a “MONDAY JEANS” pass for the remainder of the spring semester.

· Anyone donating $100 or more will be treated to a luncheon from your administrative team in conjunction with the above incentives.

Please contact Will Daniel if you have any questions about the Campaign or the Education Foundation. Thank you!