Native Dishes of Australia

Krissa-Marie Malia ~ 4A

Meat Pie (Main Dish)

The main ingredients are:

-minced steak

-beef stock cubes



-plain flour

-soy sauce

An Australian meat pie is a hand-size meat pie that is often consumed as a takeaway food. In 2003, it was named Australia's "national dish." During Australian ruled football and Rugby League, it is most popular food to eat while watching the game.

Damper (Side Dish)

Common Ingredients:

- flour

- sugar

- tea or milk

- any leftover meat

It was developed by stockmen who travel led in remote areas for weeks or months. It is normally cooked in the ashes of the camp fire. They would flatten the ashes and the damper was placed there for ten minutes, then covered with ashes for 20-30 minutes.

Meze (Side Dish)

Main ingredients:

- fresh or frozen squid

- milk

- sifted flour

- oregano

- salt

- pepper

- dried chili flakes

- vegetable oil

- parsley

- lemons

The Australians benefited from the influence of Greek culture and adopted the Meze dish. It originally came from the Greek tradition but soon Australia joined in and it became a native dish.

Lamington (Dessert)

Main ingredients:

- flour

- eggs

- vanilla

- milk

- sugar

- cocoa powder

- salt

- butter

It was either named after Lord Lamington or his wife Lady Lamington. One claim is that Lord Lamington's chef had to unexpectedly provide food for guests during a busy time, so he cut up leftover sponge cake, dipped it in chocolate, and covered with cocount shavings.

Pavlova (Dessert)

Common ingredients:

- white vinegar

- cornstarch

- egg whites

- sugar

- salt

A sweet meringue-like crust stuffed full of whipped cream and fresh fruit. It was named after the prima ballerina, Anna Pavlova, from when she toured in Australia.