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March 2013

Fiction Books to Know About

Non-Fiction Books to Know About

Websites to Know About

Professor Word

Professor Word (http://www.professorword.com/) is a free website that helps students learn vocabulary words found online in preparation for the ACT and SAT. Simply click on the link above and save Professor Word to your tool bar. When a student visits a website and clicks on the Professor Word icon, all vocabulary words found on standardized tests are automatically highlighted. Students can see definitions and also create personalized study lists.


Readability (http://readability.com/) is a free website that allows users to turn any web page into a clean document for easy and less-distracting reading. Pages can even be saved for viewing at a later time. This is also available as a free app for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Other Information to Know About

Watch a Book Being Born

This is a beautiful short film (01:55) that shows how a book is assembled using traditional printing methods. As the introduction states, it's remarkable to see how much detail went in to this process, and how this is a lost art, especially when ebooks are growing much more popular. Enjoy! http://flavorwire.com/276008/watch-a-book-being-born