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News you can use! November 2013!

Who's dreaming Big?

September Top PV:

1. Melissa Edmonds: $1782

2. Lindsay Machado: $1678

3. Staci Miller: $1471

Most Parties:

1. Melissa Edmonds: 3

1. Lindsay Machado: 2

2. Staci Miller: 2

4. Lorie Neduelan: 2

Top Recruiters:

Melissa Edmonds: 1

Kristine Macabare: 1

Brandy Bourgeois: 1

Aimee Edmonds: 1

Roberta Cascio: 1

My Stats:

PV: $4147

Parties: 5

Recruits: 3

October Top PV
1. Christine Whalen: $1730

2. Lindsay Machado: $1514

3. Colleen Cascio: $1022

Most Parties:
1. Christine Whalen: 4

2. Colleen Cascio: 2

3. Faydra Evans: 2

Top Recruiters
1. Christine Whalen: 1

2. Jen Guerrero: 1

3. Melissa Edmonds: 1

My Stats:
PV: $1397

Parties: 3

Recruits: 0

There are only 5 days left to register for the 2014 Spring Product Premier! I can't wait to experience the reveal on the BIG SCREEN!! If you are having any issues with registering, please call consultant support and they can take care of it! It cost's $20 (they have to cover the cost of renting the theater) but it is going to be worth it!! Register a potential recruit, your best hostess, or best customer to join you! They won't be disappointed and may even get a surprise too!!
I will be hosting in Gulfport, MS and Debbie will be hosting in Hammond, LA. I can't wait to see you there!!

Who's new?

Please reach out to welcome the newest members of our team:

Jodi Findlay

Adele Sprague

Nancy Chrans

Shannon Hays

Pamela Langlois

Faydra Evans

Lorie Neduelan

Roberta Cascio

Brandy Bourgeois

Kristen Parker

Vickie Shields

We are so excited that you have walked through the door of opportunity with us!
Have you evaluated your goals lately? We are in the middle of the busiest selling season of the year. Are you taking advantage of the selling and recruiting opportunities during every party? I challenge each one of you to DREAM BIG and set your sites on the leadership incentive trip! YOU CAN DO IT! Start recruiting today and you can join me on an ALL EXPENSES PAID vacation to the Hard Rock Resort in Riviera Maya next September. I can help you get there so please reach out to me for help!!

Check out TOT for all the important dates you should have marked on your calendar!