All About Wolfgang Mozart

presented by: Jada Nordstrom

Little Boy, Big Talent

When Wolfgang Mozart was 3, he taught his self how to play the piano. Wolfgang could also listen to a melody and amazingly memorize it and play it. He knew how to write music notes before he knew how to write letters. When Wolfgang was 9 a messenger asked him and Nannerl, his sister, to preform in Vienna.

The Sickness

When Wolfgang was 10 years old he got a sickness called smallpox. With smallpox you could die from it. But, Wolfgang was lucky and didn't die.

Growing Up

As he got older he was becoming less and less famous. His family was running out of money so he had to get a job. For a job he became a composer for opera music. Wolfgang became famous again because he wrote over 600 works in his life.

The Sad Day

On December 5th 1791 Wolfgang Mozart died. He died at the age of 35. Wolfgang died because his health was getting really bad. Also, sometimes he couldn't breath as well. Years later, people built a huge statue of him in Salzburg (where he grew up) in honor of being a great musician. People were proud of him.