New Birth House Opening

Mother Health International comes to Kabar, Senegal

You can help open the doors of the Kassoumay Birth Center in Kabar, Senegal!

The Kassoumay Birth Center is Mother Health International's newest birth center. Located in Kafountine, Senegal. "Kassoumay" means peace in the Diola language. The center was built last year by local builders and community members, using traditional building techniques. Kafountine, a fishing village on the coast of southern Senegal, has a rapidly expanding population. The only maternity clinic is not within easy walking distance for laboring women who live in neighborhoods on the outskirts of town. Over the years a group of women, in the predominantly Diola neighborhood known as Kabar, have nurtured an informal women's society that shares in assisting births. For the Diola, childbirth is highly revered as sacred for the women, and not something for men of the tribe to witness.

With the help of generous donations we have successfully built a beautiful earthen Birth Center for the community of Kabar, Senegal. We have a clean well, water pump and tank, all of the plumbing and a bath house. Now the real work begins...
To open our doors and begin serving the community we need furniture, birth supplies, a solar system, and an ambulance. The birth center will serve as a base for the local traditional midwives to work out of.

Our goal is to raise $10K to get the birth center up and running. Many people can give up a daily latte and write a check for $50 each month. Some can make a one time significant donation. Others can give $10 one time, and that is great! No amount is too small! If 100 of us each donate $100, we can reach our goal!

If you cannot make a financial contribution, consider hosting a benefit or event to raise funds. Check here for ideas on how you can help.

We appreciate all your efforts towards supporting women, and making the world a safer place to give birth.

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Mother Health International (MHI) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to respond and provide relief to pregnant women and children in areas of disaster, war and extreme economic poverty. We are committed to reducing maternal and infant mortality rates by creating culturally competent, sustainable and holistic birth centers using the midwifery model of care. We work alongside traditional midwives to create best practices that work towards our goals of access to comprehensive maternal health care, education and the facilitation of positive childbirth experiences. With every healthy birth there is a benefit for the communities that we serve and the world as a whole.