The Alkali family has a tough time letting things go.


Lithium loves her phone she is on it all the time. Without it she is so bored.. She has a full iphone memory
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Sodium is stuck on his phone most of the time. He only gets off when he has to eat. His phone memory is almost full of games.
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Patsy likes to use her phone often, and has a nice size of apps to choose from when she gets bored. but gets off of it once and awhile to talk. She has a bunch of social media apps and a few games. Its 80% full
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Ruby usually has her phone with her but she will put it down to talk once and awhile. She has an 80% full memory.
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Cesium doesn't use his phone. he maybe has 2 apps he uses to keep him occupied. His phone is 70% full
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Francium only has 1 app. She is only on it when there is nothing else to do. Her phone is 70% full
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