Elementary School Teacher

Monica Martinez's Career Plan


Welcome to my flyer where it explains my future career, Elementary School Teacher. This flyer will show and explain the main facts and details about being a Teacher.
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About Me

I'm currently a high school student. My plans for the future is to go to collage and earn my bachelors degree, and teaching license. My dream is to become an Elementary Teacher and help kids out. I want to be a teacher because I think is fun working with small kids, being able to help, and learn from them too.
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What Does an Elementary Teacher Do

An Elementary Teacher encourage kids/students to become a better person in life. Teachers are not just there to only grade papers, and plan lessons, they are there to help kids develop their mind faster and help them in any struggles. They also attend to meetings to show the students process and development. Although people say its hard to teach small kids, you never know what they can teach you.


Teachers are not often required a lot of studies, though they are required to take and pass all subject (Math, English, Science, Social Studies) classes. Teachers are not required to have advanced degrees but they are required to at least have a bachelors degree. Teachers are sometimes required to a state license or certificate, this depends on what state you live in. It is also recommended for future teachers to take academies/programs that involve teaching , this way they will be prepared for future studies.


The income/salary for an Elementary teacher across the U.S is around $32,000 to $53,000 annually according to 2012 reports. But the teacher average salary is from $45,000 to $53,000 annually. But this all depends on what job you are planning to attend. "On a national level, the BLS estimates a 12 percent growth rate for all elementary teachers through 2022" (Concordia Online). This means that hopefully by 2022 Teaching salary will get raised.
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