Weekly Staff Update

11/16/2015 - 11/20/2015


Calendar Highlights

The Ingenious Mr. Thornbacker (Team building): ALL WEEK (Jeans week too!!!)

DC Trip Pro/Con Meeting (Voluntary): 11/17

JAZ Tutoring: 11/17

T.H.E. Program: 11/18

Staff Meeting (celebration): 11/20

These events are subject to change AND available on the shared Google Calendar

Timed Pair Share

Steps for the Strategy

1. Students are paired and work in pairs.

2. Present a problem to the students.

3. Provide them with a specific amount of time to write their answers.

4. Students discus their answers with either their face or shoulder partners.

5. Call on students to share with the class the answer they have developed with their partners.


• Instead of sharing out with the class, they share with their answers with the other team at their table. This is called Timed-Pair-Square.

• To increase equal participation, after think time, make the students share their answers in a Round Robin format at their table.

Management Tips

1. Model good listening skills.

2. Model how pairs discuss instead of just one member answering the question Social Skills

1. Active Listening

2. Appropriate noise level.

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Instant Engagement Demo: Timed Pair Share


Have fun with the team building week! Look for daily emails for your 5 minute "missions."

Brad is at County Principal's Meeting on 11/18

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Sue Gottshall

My husband Don and I have been together for 20 years. We live in Macomb and have a daughter, Allison , who is 13 and in 8th grader at Shelby J.H. in Utica. We stay busy with Allison who plays travel soccer. Each fall and spring she has 20 games and 1 or 2 tournaments which require travel. This year was Cincinnati and next summer will be Cleveland! In the summer we all like to golf. Allison plays in the Blue Water Junior Golf Association and some Meijer Tour Events which keeps me quite busy. We have been members at Burning Tree Golf Course in Macomb for 18 years.


Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Music: Rock

Favorite Movie: Caddyshack

Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang, The Blacklist

Favorite Vacation: Cabo San Lucas; anywhere with palm trees

Favorite University/College: Don't have one, but to keep a happy marriage I root for THE Ohio State University


What I imagine the skill of the Gottshall family is on the putting green.
Caddyshack - Putting Scene.


Yale Junior High PTO

1. Download Shoparoo to your mobile device. You will scan any grocery, fuel, or non-grocery receipt. We also have a Yale Junior High PTO page on Facebook, please like us!

Be sure to select Yale Junior High

2. Please donate ANY AND ALL used ink cartridges and cell phones (even if they are damaged) by bringing them into the office. We will be recycling them and receiving money for our media center in exchange!

3.VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME! JOIN US AT OUR NEXT MEETING or assist us in counting Vinckier Rewards or Aunt Millies labels.

“Like” us on Facebook – Yale Junior High PTO (click on 'YJH PTO' above to link to the page)

Vinckier Receipts

This program is done until September. We appreciate all those who particpated. We were able to purchase Physical Education equipment. Thanks again for your support!
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