Jaqwavion Williams: My resume

These are some reasons you should hire me

Skill number 1: Parkour

I love that rush you get when doing a flip, running at full speed or creatively jumping, as I call it, whatever athletic job offers I can handle it
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Skill Number 2: Imagination

I dont see the world as it is, I am more philisophical, more imaginative, more analytical. I love opening my eyes to a fantasy beyond the horizon, so If i were to be a socialite or philosypher, that would be the job for me
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Skill 3: Management

I want to be an entreprenuer when I grow, so I feel the need to have good, management and leadership skills qualifies me for any job, it feels good to take charge and change the world, so... yeah I feel I qualify for any job, not to be conceded but... I am awesome!
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