Ms. Johnson's

2nd Grade Class


I am in need of headphones. The ones we have in the classroom keep breaking. If you have extras at home you wouldn't mind donating to the class we would really appreciate it!


The next couple of weeks we will be working on rhyming and alliterations. We will create our own poems and try to find the meaning behind other poems.


All of 4th quarter we will be working on writing our opinions about lots of different things.

***This quarter we will be really making sure we are checking over our work to make sure it is ready to publish!

***Capitalization: We have been working on this goal all year. They need to show the difference in between capital and lower case letters. They also need to know what gets a capital letter. (ex. months, days of weeks, holidays, the letter I, start of sentences)


During Chapter 8 and 9 we will be working on measuring!

Science & Social Studies

SS: We will be learning about trading/bartering and cost/benefit of our actions.

Science: We have been learning about Erosion and then we are going to start another Project Lead The Way!


I am going to start sending homework home this week. My goal is that it shouldn’t take your kiddo long each night for them to complete because I know we all have busy lives J

Math- Weekly Computation Review-

· Complete Row 1 (problems A-E) on Monday

· Complete Row 2 on Tuesday

· Complete Row 3 on Wednesday

· Complete Row 4 on Thursday

· Row 5 is for extra practice but ONLY IF YOU HAVE TIME. Don’t feel like your kiddo has to complete it.

· Send back to school on Friday

Reading Fluency-

· Set a timer for 1 minute

· Have your kiddo read the Fluency Passage to you

· Mark how many errors they have as they read in 1 minute

· Stop them at 1 minute

· Fill out the chart at the bottom of the paper

· Send back to school on Friday

Both the Math and Fluency Passage need to be turned in on Friday. No homework on the weekends J If you have any questions please email me.

Thank you!

iPad Rules

1. Must be brought back to school CHARGED each and every day. (if your child is NOT bringing them home they will have a place to charge at school.) 3 times the iPad is left at home or not charged we will keep it at school until we feel like your child is ready to try again.

2. NO food or drinks around iPad.

3. Must fill up water bottles at school. (we do not want them to leak in the backpack.)

4. Do not let anyone else play on your is yours if someone else breaks it, you are responsible to pay.

5. Teacher/Parent must approve of any Apps or games.

6. Only to be on the iPad when the teacher or parent approves.

7. Not using it appropriately will have consequences.

8. Carry with 2 hands.

9. Only working on the iPad when sitting down.

10. No pass codes on the iPad

11. Treat your iPad with respect, no banging on them or slamming them down.

12. iPads are turned off at the end of the day.

Contact Ms. Johnson


phone: 816-736-5490 ext. 2630