Brain Dominance

Left or Right?


The body of research on the processing differences between Left and Right sides of the Brain.

The Difference?

The brain is split down the middle into two hemispheres (Left and Right) with each side operating a distinct set of functions. The right side of the brain is known to be the Creative side while the left side of the brain is the more Logical side. The Left side strengths include Language, Writing, Discipline, Order, Analysis, Math, Sequencing etc. while the Right side strenghts consist of Visual, Non-verbal, Feelings, Colorful, Creative, Looks at the big picture etc...

Quiz Results

After taking two different Brain Dominant quizes my end results were both Different. On the first quiz the result turned out be that I am 75% Right brained and 25% Left Brained which means that I am more Right Dominant than Left. On the last quiz , out of 18 question's I answered, my result was 9 Left and 9 Right (50/50), but I use my left side the most, which means I use both sides of my brain equally but I use my Left more.