Bienvenido a Espana

Welcome to Spain

Spain is full of excitement and wonder. Come to Spain and enjoy all the different types of feast called tapas. There is also a wonderful Roman Catholic church. There is plenty to do in Spain, for example, there are bull shows to watch, go to the coolest parades! go to spain and enjoy all the fun things to do.

Plane Ticket to Spain

A plane ticket to Spain would be $931.40 for one person for one week from united airlines Washington to Barcelona Spain. The flight will take approximately 12 hr. and 56 min. to arrive in Spain.

Hotel in Barcelona Spain

Come and stay at the 5 star rating hotel in Barcelona Spain! It has a nice view and has the lowest price of $125.49 per night. For one week staying at the Melia Barcelona Sky would be $995. This is a good deal for one week in a five star hotel. The hotel has a nice pool area with a spa and one bed in a room.

Restaurants in Spain

The Marmalade is a 4 star restaurant with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Marmalade has a nice dinning area serving cocktails. They also have a group buffet, and you can hold private parties if you want. A dinner for one person having the Marmalades ultimate caesar salad as an appetizer with a meal of the El Classico Burger and Ham or Spinach Croquets and a dessert of an apple in a blanket would be $24.60. I suggest the Marmalade because it has a variety of high quality choices for food and beverage.

things to see in barcelona

  • Come follow the footsteps of the artistic genius of Picasso's youth. You will walk through the vibrant and wonderful places Picasso grew up in, see the art, and all the interesting things about his house where he and his family lived.

  • Go and climb Magical Montjiic. See all the great views; buildings such as the 1992 Olympic Games, the Telecommunications Tower designed by Santiago Calatrava. Although it takes a lot of leg strength to climb Magical Montjiic, don't let it take away from your amazing experience.

Thank you for reading this brochure. I hope you will visit Barcelona because there is much more to see; like soccer games and other things that are too numerous to mention. Barcelona is not the only place in Spain that is embedded with history. There is also Madrid, and other cities. So maybe instead of staying for one week, you could stay even longer to see all the things Spain has to offer.