My Career

by: Adamari Ignacio-Ojeda

Neonatal nurse

The point on why i wanna become a neonatal nurse is because i love babies and i like taking care of them (they’re so adorable). The needed certification is that you have to be a registered nurse or a nurse practitioner for 4-years of college or university. There is no specific school that you need to go to. A typical day at work is just caring for baby’s help if there's anything wrong with them etc. but it is very calm. if i did become one i would never want to lose my job. The salary is $85k per year.

Crime Scene Investigation

I wanna become one because I like mysteries and solving problems. Some schools to go to or university or colleges are ITT Tech, Kaplan university, University of phoenix, American intercontinental University. The certification needed is that it requires 2 years of processing crime scene for law enforcement, the applicants must have municipal police department. A typical day in there is just researching evidence cpu stuff and going to the scene were the crime was at. The salary is $39,314 per year.