Charles Atlas

He was strong.

His Life

Angelo Siciliano was born on October 30,1892. He got bollyed . Things got harder for Angelo Siciliano .He got stronger because he got bollyed. After he got stong he changed his name to Charles Atlas. He helped people to get strong .


Charles Atlas got strong. He was on nails and he didn't get hurt. He ripped a phone book in hafe. He bent an inor bars in to a u. He lift heavy object. He pold an 145,000-pound tran. He is the most developed man. He won the most butifall man contest. He inspiered other people to be like him.

Interesting Facts

He was in good shape because he was strong.And people every were getting fit.The Atlas course sold millions of copies world wide.Atlas loved to inspire others, especially children. He cherished the letters he received from the kids all over the world.

Personal Impression

He helped others by developing a program to help other people to get strong all over the world. Charles Atlas was helpful because he helped people get strong. He never gave up from getting strong. He was a role model because he was strong.