Panther Soar Journal

Norfolk Jr. High

By Braden Ehlers

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My new Nursery rhymes

Joe Humpty Dumpty Breaks Shell Trying to Skydive

Once a upon a time Humpty Dumpty on October 12, 1945, was in China. He was there feeding the endangered panda bears. His brother did not like the bears, so he was trying to poison the panda bears. The king was paying Humpty Dumpty to feed them, but then Empty Lumpty, his brother, pushed him off the wall. He cracked his shell and the king couldn’t get him back together again. After that, he was just the king’s breakfast.

Feature story of Messi

Soccer and World cup history

There is a very interesting background of soccer history. Did you know that the highest scoring game was 149 to 0? This is because the losing team was protesting because in their last game there was a questionable call that made them lose. Soccer is the most watched and popular sport around the world. The earliest game was in China about 2,000 years ago. The World Cup is the most important tournament in soccer. Germany has won the most World Cups. They have taken home five. The field itself is rectangular and about 100 to 130 yards long and 50 to 100 yards wide. Besides The United States, most every country calls soccer, football. The first soccer game for the United States league, MLS, was in 1996. In the college league, North Carolina has won the most championships. There grand total is now 16. So now you see that there is a long background in Soccer.

Movie Review

Cars the Movie

Do you like great family movies? This movie is for you. It has the action, comedy, and a great plot. Jorgen Klubien wrote the story line for Cars. He also wrote A Bug’s Life. Owen Wilson stars as Lightning Mcqueen and Larry The Cable Guy also stars as Mater. This movie was first put on the shelves in 2006. It also has a great message for kids, “Friends are better than fame.” A quick summary of the story is Mcqueen tries to get out of of a small town. He gets lost for his championship race. Your family would like this family friendly G rated movie. You can watch it over and over and still enjoy.

Cars Trailer


Braden Ehlers was one of the best lawyers and judges for the past 10 years. He was a students of Norfolk High School and was an excellent cross country and soccer star. He kept busy with being an umpire. After his senior year, he went to Harvard and got the Bachelor’s and Master’s in being a lawyer and then went to law school. He got picked to be a judge after five years of being a lawyer. He has a goal to travel to all of the states with his one kid. He spends his time in Texas running. He also likes playing disc golf. At the age of 40, he is now running for president. Let's see how that goes.

App or video game

Flappy bird is an app for mobile devices and computers. The point of the game is to touch or click on the screen to make the bird not hit the pipes hanging from the top and bottom of the screen. For every pipe you pass you get a point. If you hit the pipes, your game is over. Dong Nguyen took it off the app store. Anyway, he took it off, but people that had it before still play it.

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