Juror #11

By Michael Scheerer

His Animal!

A turtle would describe juror #11 well. Humble and patient! Juror #11 is also very unbiased, wants the truth, and sticks up for whats right. A turtle can not talk, but if it were able to, it would also add those characteristics along with his already impressing ones to show how kind and respectful he is.
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Brad Pitt

I feel like he could play juror 11 and easily pull it off. He can be any kind of person. He is even better with the nicer more more humble people like juror 11. As a bonus, Brad Pitt has also played an Irishman before and has that accent rocked.

About Him

1. Seeks Justice--- He wants the right and fair verdict to be made.

2. Loves America/Democracy---- He states a couple times about America's freedoms such as the freedom of speech

3. Unbiased--- He was very unbiased and let nothing persuade his judgment.

4. Humble--- There is a point in the play where he is made fun of and he acts very proper and is very calm about it.

5. Respectful--- He always respected everyone's ideas and never once talked bad about anyone else.