Community Three

February 8, 2016

Next Week is Random Acts of Kindness Week


To gear up for National Random Acts of Kindness Day which is celebrated February 17th, our community 8 Respect Diversity Project Group is sponsoring a PRS Random Acts of Kindness Spirit Week next week, February 8 - 12. We hope you will join us by spreading kindness throughout the Pike Road community!

K- Kickoff Random Acts of Kindness Week MONDAY - (Showing support for your favorite sports team.)

I- Inspire someone to by kind TUESDAY - (Dress as your favorite superhero and inspire others to be Kindness Superheroes.)

N- Neon bright WEDNESDAY - (Make the world a bright place by sharing kindness.)

D- Dive into kindness THURSDAY - (Dress in your favorite tropical wear or sea life as we dive into kindness.)

Friendly FRIDAY Twins Day (Pair up with a friend and dress alike.)

Please be sure that you stay within our dress code guidelines throughout the week.

Coming Next Week...


Many of our learners are in the “publishing” phase of the writing process. According to one learner, “This has been quite a journey, but I see it now!” It is truly rewarding to see how far our learners’ writing skills have come. It is even more amazing to hear them evaluate themselves. We hope you enjoy seeing samples of your child’s writing piece. If your child’s writing has not been uploaded yet, it should be soon!

Thank you for supporting us, and we appreciate what you continue to do at home to help us enhance your child’s writing skills!

The Writing Process

We are working through the steps of the writing process. The writing process works for any type of writing: opinion, explanatory, informative, ANYTHING!

If your child is working on writing at home, remind them of the steps:

1. Brainstorm

2. Organize

3. Draft

4. Peer Review (or Parent Review) J

5. Edit

6. Revise

7. Publish


Note: Because of the attention that has been given to incorporating various skills into writing, we will begin learning Point of View next week. Therefore, we did not change any helpful tidbits in our newsletter that was relative to this skill. Thank you for understanding.

Community 3 is exploring what we are reading to find the character or narrator's point of view. Learners will distinguish their own point of view from the point of view of the narrator or the characters.

Want to start with point of view at home?

· Have friends and family members share their perspective or point of view.

· Discuss the point of view of a certain character as you read.

· Ask your child how the story may be different if it was told from a different point of view or if the main character “viewed” things differently.


This week we will continue to explore fractions as a number on the number line and fractions representing equal parts of one whole. Our learners have explored many different methods of representing fractions on a number line, focusing on illustrating and identifying the location of fraction units. This week, learners will go deeper into the study of fractions on a number line by utilizing intervals and fraction units to label fractions. Learners will begin to use their skills with the number line as a tool to help them answer word problems. Essential vocabulary for this standard includes: fraction, unit fraction, intervals, and number line.

Note: Grade 3 expectations in this domain are limited to fractions with denominators 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8.

Here are some resources to help your learner practice:


Our learners have finished up with our Vision for the future of Pike Road. Learners have worked with maps focusing on various skills from using a grid system to GPS on their iPads. Learners have created their own map of businesses or attractions they would like in their own town. Our learners have also written their opinion on what they would like to add to the town of Pike Road.

We are starting our addition to celebrating Black History month by creating a wall of inspirational or motivational quotes. The learners will choose a quote, dissect the quote to find its meaning and continue to research about the speaker and the events taking place during the time the quote was spoken. Our learners will then focus on how these powerful words can change the lives of those around us and make history. During this exploration, our learners will be discussing primary and secondary resources and how these resources are necessary for recording and sharing history.

Updates to Fresh Grade

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Valentine's Day Celebrations

Community 3 is excited to celebrate Valentine's Day. Be on the look out for more details from your homeroom lead learner for more details.

What we have been working on in Community 3!

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Congratulations to Kennedi Thomas who won the Joe bot!

Ask Me About...

Have you ever asked your child what he or she did in school that day, only to hear them say: "Nothing," or "I don't know"? The questions below might help your child start a conversation about what he or she is currently learning in school.

-When writing about your opinion, how can you set it up or "organize" your writing?

-What does the denominator tell us when plotting fractions on a number line?

- What types of sentences have you talked about in language this week? Which ones do you use most in your writing?

-If a pizza was cut into 10 slices, and you ate 4 slices, what fraction of the pizza is left?


Suggested Items: Basketballs, Soccer Balls, Footballs, Volleyballs, Kickballs, Yoga Mats, Wiffle Golf Balls, 14 foot jump ropes, Ping Pong Balls, Bean Bags, Hula Hoops, and Stacking Cups.

Donated items can be delivered to Coach Klinger in the gym! - Thanks so much!!!!!

*Don't forget to always wear appropriate footwear to Health and Wellness!



Clorox Wipes

Wide ruled line paper

Glue sticks

Lunch Menu for February

Monday 2/8

Mozzarella Cheese Stix, Spaghetti Marinara, Italian Veggies

Tuesday 2/9

FAT TUESDAY Seafood Gumbo, Cajun Rice, Fresh Salad Bar

***ALLERGY ALERT - Seafood & Shellfish***

Wednesday 2/10

Crispitos, Black Beans, Salsa, Mixed Veggies

Thursday 2/11


Friday 2/12

Hotdogs w/ Chili, Fries or Corn Chips, Friday Fruit Bar

Monday 2/15


Tuesday 2/16

Stuffed Crust Pizza, Tater Tots, Fresh Salad Bar

Wednesday 2/17

Steak Nuggets, Mashed Potatoes, Italian Veggies

Thursday 2/18


Friday 2/19


Monday 2/22

Chicken Alfredo, Sweet Peas, Breadstick

Tuesday 2/23

Beef Tips w/ Rice, Buttered Carrots, Assorted Veggies

Wednesday 2/24

Baked Chicken, Steamed Broccoli, Fresh Roll

Thursday 2/25


Friday 2/26


Monday 2/29

Chicken Nuggets, Corn on the Cob, Salad Bar

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