Friday Coffee Chat!

Friday March 18, 2016

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Feeling lucky?

Platinum Director Kelly Cox shared these words with her team and I couldn't agree more! Thanks Kelly for today's Friday Coffee Chat intro!

"I LOVE the momentum we are all creating right now with booking trunk shows! I can feel it building and it reminds me again that this business is all about doing a few simple behaviors that add up to big success. It was St. Patty's Day and we all love the idea of "Luck of the Irish"....who doesn't want a little luck in life?

But in the words of our brilliant CEO Jessica....your life is shaped by a series of choices and a bit of luck. But, luck can’t be your strategy for life. You can’t hope to live an extraordinary life based on luck alone. You need to plan for it. And to make that plan a good one, you need to recognize that it’s a winding path that will no doubt present you with a few dead ends, some surprising twists and turns, and plenty of obstacles. Some things that look a lot like bad luck. Those are the times that you are learning the most, developing perseverance and ultimately, become stronger."



STYLIST SPOTLIGHT: Gail Cushing is making her own Luck!

Gail Cushing on our team wanted to start off her year shaking things up a bit! She personally challenged HERSELF to have 100 customer conversations. Read her story below in her own words to see what she accomplished.

"I DID IT!!!! a busy busy weekend pushed me past my 100 CONVERSATION CHALLENGE! It took me a little longer than expected (visitors, sick kids, birthday weekends, etc) but I never gave up. Here are my results:

100 personal connections made
14 trunk shows booked
28 women who will consider a show for late spring or summer
2 potential stylists
1 definite stylist!!

The confidence and empowerment I got from this personal challenge??? PRICELESS!
What did I learn by challenging myself?

It's up to me and no one else to decide where I want my business to go.

Success in this business is truly about the personal relationship.

Once you start talking, the conversations get easier.

People are going to say no and that's okay, it doesn't mean they don't respect my business building efforts.

I decided I wanted it more than I didn't and that has made ALL the difference.

I know what my goals are. It may take a little while longer to get there than I may hope, but that's okay, I know now I have the tenacity and dogged determination to make it happen!!!

Off to make more conversations!!!!"

Who's inspired by Gail's story?

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Ready to get in shape for Spring? Make these upcoming months the best ever?

Join the team for an ONLINE ZOOM chat on

Sunday March 20th at 8 pm EST/ 9:30 pm NST

Click this link from your computer, tablet or cell!

For AUDIO only dial in at:
415 762 9988 (US Toll) or 646 568 7788 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 580 065 1708

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For your bargain hunting friend

"Hi Kim! I know how much you LOVE a good deal so I had to reach out with thIs luck of the stylish deal! People are loving this spring weather and need a dose of color in their lives and this amazing green purse is half off for our trunk show guests this month! We should get some of your neighborhood ladies together for a cocktail and treat them to these styles for a steal! How about next Wednesday at 6?

For the Girl Scout cookie selling mama-

"Hey Jane! So I've burned through my box of Thin Mints and need another and I had a fabulous idea! What if we put together a grown up Girl Scout evening- I found this fun wine and cookie pairing we could set up with your remaining cookies, I'll bring over the jewels and people can swing by to shop! You can sell your remaining boxes, people can pick up some spring style and you'll get a complimentary shopping spree simply for sharing the style! How does next week work?"

To your past Hostess or show guest-

"Hi Tiff! i was thinking of you because I just got in the most beautiful box of summer jewelry and I remembered how much fun we had at your trunk show last spring! The turquoise is the perfect pop of spring color people are looking for right now with this amazing weather! Shall we schedule another quick style hour for people to swing by for a glass of wine and style? Maybe next Saturday afternoon? I'll call you tomorrow to see what you think!"

April shows...

Hey Kelly! I so excited that we are launching the entire summer line in April! Check out these tunics and sunnies....they have your name written all over them! Let's get your girls over and you can get them all for free! What do you think? We could do a a girls night on the 7th or a Friday morning coffee on the 8th? What do you think?

Here are some great links to videos in stellaverse for booking!

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So I have started my own little challenge with myself today and it is my own sponsoring blitz. I know that when one doesn't sponsor-- it is for one of 3 reasons:

* We don't talk about it at all
* We don't talk about it enough
* It is how we are talking about it

I know that I fall into the 2nd bucket. Simply not talking about this grand gig enough! I am challenging myself to reach out to 100 women who could love Stella & Dot and talk to them about our opportunity. I warmed up 7 gals yesterday and plan to warm up another 10 today!


Our weekly Stylist Sneak Peek Facebook chat is happening THIS Sunday 3/20 at 9pm est and I will be there to co-host it with my Dream Chasers pacing group. This group is TOP IN SPONSORING worldwide and will is help chat and answering questions live for your guests.

Let us do the TALKING....which means YOU need to the do the inviting!

I challenge each of you to invite 5+ people and see what happens! Why not? We can't keep this ‪#‎sdjoy‬ to ourselves! It is too good not to share!

Post 5 names of potential stylists you invited in the comments on our team page!

When 20 of you post, I'll be sending you 1 GIRL BOSS and GIRL BOSS GIFT!


1. Invite 6+ guests to our ONLINE MSD happening SUNDAY! Think hostesses, friends, neighbors, guests from your shows, etc.

2. Send a personal message AFTER you have invited them to the actual event with a LINK to the event so that it's easy for them to join:

Hey girl! Would love for you to hop on a fun Facebook chat Sunday night! I think you would love what I do as a stylist with Stella & Dot and rock at it, too! It could be crazy to say that but I hope you take it as the complement it is intended to be! You'll also be entered to win this gorgeous necklace! Why not? Pour yourself a glass of wine or tea and just be a fly on the wall. You can comment and ask any questions! Just click invite when you see it pop up in your events...can't wait to hear what you think! Join here:

***Please note: If you click on link & are not directed to the event, message your UPLINE Director to get added. You must click "going" BEFORE you invite guests. You may then add them directly from the event***


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Recent recorded calls/webinars:

Opportunity Webinar for Prospective Stylists:

Did you miss last night's weekly New Stylist Training call & Monday Motivation call?

That's okay!! Catch the recording here!!

xo, Gina Bogda, Director

Heart of Leadership Director and Founding Leader of the incredible Gem Fatales Golden Gems Team! We are an international team of Stella & Dot stylists who support each other in person and in our virtual board rooms! It's good to be a Golden Gem!